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    Beckie Kuipers

    Hello! I recently bought a 2000 r vision trail lite Bantam 17′ travel trailer. it did not come with an owner’s manual. I need an owners manual. I have been searching high and low and all over google with no luck.

    does anyone have any advice on how to find one or happen to have one i could pay for a copy of?

    Many thanks


    Stephen C Keller

    Hi Beckie,

    Check these 2 sites. I did find a generic manual (top link) that covers many different models which may cover yours. What I did find was that usually the manuals cover specific appliances which can be located on the internet.



    Good Luck,


    Paul Boyle

    My friend has a 2002 or 2003. I will ask him if he has the manual. If he does I will scan it and email to you. There are several for sale on YouTube. They might help you.

    Paul Boyle

    I had the 23-24 footer. What do you need to know? Spiders will get in the tube where you light the water heater. Clean the cobwebs out and it will work fine. That was biggest problem

    Kent V. W.

    I have a new trailer. Although I wouldn’t go as far as saying I was disappointed with it, it is none the less very generic. For instance it does not cover the electrical system in any detail or depth at all. It doesn’t cover anything on water valves, weatherization or system draining specific to my rig either. The list could go on…

    This is pretty understandable, to me anyway, and not worth getting my undies in a bunch over.

    The old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Is one I try to adhere to.

    My own solution has been to catalog manuals specific to the appliances and components on my rig as well as maintenance intervals. On top of that a folder of YouTube links and also articles of fixes, repairs and replacements. (Don’t let Ray read this or he may suffer from a big head but that folder contains mostly his videos and site/blog posts.) 🙂

    Beckie Kuipers

    thank you for your responses!

    Stephen: I have that manual and it’s for a Travel Lite not a Trail Lite. thank you for the links <3

    Paul: YES PLEASE. if you could do that for me I would be forever grateful.

    Kent: thank you for the info, I’ll go look at you tube and see what I can find!

    Paul Boyle

    My friends Trail Lite is a 20 and mine was a 24 and they had the same manual. Someone showed us there 17 an we agreed with each other that its equipment (appliances, jacks, and functions of ends and basics). He is looking for it.

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