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    When we installed our solar panels I needed the space where the bat wing antenna laid so I removed it.  Since I have sat service we have only used this antenna a couple time in five years. I had planned to replace it with one of the new fixed digital antennas from Winegard.  After seeing the price I didn’t feel it was worth it for something so seldom used.  However I would still like to have the capability to watch OTA tv if the need arises.

    So my question is this, has anyone had experience with the antennas that they sell in Best Buy or Walmart?  Prefer one that would attach to the roof and use existing coax cable. Don’t want anything that would cause a shadow on my panels. Ideas?

    Don Kline

    MY son-in-law got the 12×12 pad antenna and put it on the wall behind his TV Seem to work well.. But he is in the Kansas City area  so lots of over the air channels with strong signals..



    Thanks for that info, thats what I need.

    Curious by Nature

    I’ve had very good results with the King Jack antenna. I have one on my house (rural Alberta), and the other on the trailer. Very small and compact, it is a directional unit. I get all the Edmonton (40 miles) and Red Deer (55 miles) stations.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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