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    I know most of us probably have a pizza stone in our propane RV ovens to help disburse the heat better. I have used my oven a fair bit and it’s been okay, but I’ve heard of people who never use them because they don’t like how they work. These past few months we’ve been staying in our cabin, where, up until this year, I have had to do all my baking in a wood cookstove. This fall we bought a 2nd hand propane RV oven and installed it in the cabin. I didn’t even think to grab another pizza stone for it. So, instead, I used some heavy duty foil and placed it shiny side down (to reflect the heat) on the shelf under the oven rack. I left it so the vents in the shelf were uncovered. I baked bread every week, cinnamon buns, cookies and pies. I made moose ribs, casseroles and all kinds of dinner dishes. All without any issues of too much bottom heat. The thermometer dial was completely off, so I used an oven thermometer and after a few uses was able to get pretty good at setting the temperature right where I wanted it. I’m going to be switching out my pizza stone for foil in the RV oven now. Not sure if it will be better or worse, but I have found that baking in the RV oven has never been ‘perfect’ so it’s worth a try. Hope this can help someone else dealing with oven issues!

    Joe Hunnicutt

    For years I’ve used an insulated metal pad in the rig oven simply because I didn’t have a pizza stone.  I do now have an inexpensive pizza stone from Ace Hardware but I still use the insulated pad.  I think the trick is more than anything else to just deflect the heat out and down so that the oven heats evenly so just about anything will work as long as it doesn’t ignite.

    I will say that using a pizza stone for pizza is great!!

    Don Kline

    I have always used a ceramic tile from Home Depot  1 buck each…


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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