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    Ok folks, the Boss and I are trying to work out a route to La Feria Texas from our home in Ontario.  The easy part is the border – we’ll cross at Sarnia ON. to Point Edward.  Then we are thinking of taking 69 over toward Flynt mainly to avoid Detroit.  We’ll stay on 69 to Fort Wayne maybe to Indianapolis then head over to St. Louis.  After that????  We are open to suggestions for sight seeing.  Would like to hit some of the BBQ hot spots on the way down.  Good places to overnight?

    Thanks in advance.


    In Mo the Ozark area they have those cave formations. I have heard its nice to see but never tried it out. In Canton Tx you would have to google it they have like the worlds largest flea market I think its the first weekend of every month. I been to that and omg rent a hover round. Its so big I couldn’t put a dent in it one day by foot. Wife and I couldn’t do the second day due to sore legs and feet. Next time we head that way we will rent one of those hover rounds. If I think of more I will add as a matter of fact just thought of mustang island in corpus Christi area you can actually camp on the beach.


    Not sure what a hover round is :scratch:  Did a cave thing way back when and Carol freaked out. Like the flea market idea and Mustang Island. :yes:


    Hover round those electric scooters 4 wheels you sit and ride. they had numerious vendors renting them for the day. This market has vendors that sell cheap tools, sunglasses so forth but certain areas they have the old vintage stuff. http://firstmondaycanton.com/ that’s there web site.


    Cool.  Like the vintage stuff, being of “vintage” age myself.


    ON mustang island they have a national park rv site with basic hook ups, Run over the dunes and your on the beach. If you want to dry camp it a day or two you pass the rv park and your on the beach. You drive down and find the spot you like. Instant ocean park property. Certain areas they had porta potties and outside showers. I recall waking up one morning and thought the beach was infested with scorpions but once I put my glasses on it was baby crabs


    Mustang Island is on the list!

    Thanks James.

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