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    Had an issue with my electric front landing gear. In-line fuse kept popping.  Hand cranking 5th wheel landing jacks are not my idea of fun.  Called McPhail’s of Harriston, Ontario to get some advice.  They had seen this issue before and knew the fix.  Since it was a wiring issue (manufacture cheaped out on the build) I decided to let them do the fix.  In and out in a day.  Price was reasonable and I didn’t have to climb through the belly of the RV. The fix was to run power supply from the fuse panel using proper gauge wire.  Landing gear works great now.  Old set up had run directly off the battery through undersized wire. That is a fire hazard!

    Thanks to Chris Young service rep.  1-888-338-2770,  http://www.mcphails.on.ca

    Ratings (1 = bad,  5 = excellent)

    Price 4, Timeliness 5, Workmanship 5, Helpfulness 5, Friendliness 5



    Yes you where lucky could have been a fire.

    had a rear jack mess up this fall hit something and the jack got out of alignment and would not move. So we remove it from camper.

    Lippert Components Ground Control System 3.0 leveling jacks hack fix


    Glad you found great service when you needed it most

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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