NuWave2 Portable Induction Cooktop!

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    Eddie & Aileen

    Howdy Campers! Just got a early “Christmas” present from the folks, a NuWave2 Inducion Cooktop. Man this unit cook fast and accurately, and using 50% less power than normal cook tops! Well being the “Solar Geek” that I am, I put it to the inverter test. The top power usage on this unit for 120 volts is 1300 watts. I ran the test with the unit on high at 560. At the start up the unit drawled 95for only less than 10 seconds, then dropped to 35 amps. Our solar covered all but 1.5 or so amps wile I cooked some eggs for breakfast. We have 580 watts on top of our 5er, and with the new 140 watt. panel we are going to install soon this will cover any usage of this unit wile in good sun. This is a very good unit for the fulltimer/Boondocker because it runs on 50% less power (a+), also it takes up little space, and is easy to clean.

    I would recommend it to any RVer wanting a fast cooking burner to keep the propane gas usage down. We will give you Campers an update on its usage down the road after a week or two of usage, as for now “Way Cool”!!

    Pictures of the unit in the original post”NuWave2 Portable Induction Cooktop!” in the Forms page  “Geeky Tech Things”.

    Happy Trails!!!:yahoo:



    We just purchased unit and have been using it on our boat. We like it.


    We can’t wait to get to the ranch and see it work. We had looked at them but in our infant state we said aw we just cook with gas. Well after a month on the road we see how gas goes away. We do cook a lot and I grill and the grill uses the propane from the RV too. With our new solar coming up looks like another item to get. We will see Aileen at work on it I’m sure. She’s the real voice there, haha.

    Happy Trails as ya’ll say


    We love ours. Got one for the RV after getting an induction regular stove in the house.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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