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    Welp, I hitched my rig up on Saturday to take her to the shop as my parts for some warranty work had arrived.  Somehow, from the time I did my pre-trip walkaround and arriving at the dealer, I lost my camper’s keys  :Loser: .  I could’ve sworn I had them when I left (I even did the “patdown” checking my pockets as I was driving away from the house).  I checked everywhere to no avail.

    Luckily of course, the dealer has the master keys, so I can still get my work done and I do still have the spare set.  I know I can probably order another set of keys from the dealer or just get my spare set copied but I had planned on swapping out the locks for more secure ones since I know that at least 25% of Thor owners can open my doors.

    Any suggestions on new lock?  I watched Ray’s videos on both the basement door locks and the key code door locks, but with me having a toy hauler, I have 4 different keys already (one for main doors, 1 for all the compartments, 1 for the toy lock, and 1 for the handles in the drop ramp of the garage door) so I was wondering if any of you TH owners had replaced your locks or if anyone had any suggestions in general?

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