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    I’ve been scouring the web and different forums. I’m looking for a 2 bdrm open, spacious (as much as one can get on a budget), larger shower/bathroom (we are not toothpicks) must have tall ceilings my son is newly 12 and is 6ft and growing. We have 1 large therapy dog and one small therapy dog so don’t want to feel cramped. I also homeschool as well. I like the Volante 3601LF layout (but never heard of it before this past weekend) a lot as well as the oakmont 375QB. I would like the kitchen island to connect to the wall so there is that space in the living room. I’ve also looked into toy haulers. We will be staying in one location so must be full-time living(only moved when we move for work). I don’t think towing capacity will matter as my silverado 1500 won’t tow anything I’m looking so we will probably higher a mover when the time comes. Currently, we live in West Texas very hot and can get very cold so extreme weather protection a must. New or used it doesn’t really matter if its likeable. Any suggestions?


    I’d be inclined to look at a Toy Hauler. Since the back end is usually a blank slate in which you can build the type of room that meets your particular needs. Also in the summer, you could have a back patio to make things roomier.

    The downfall is I don’t think they are that great for cold weather. For that, you need to look at rigs rated as 4 season.


    We have  5th wheel toy  we have used it in the below freezing  weather

    it has the so called “arctic package” lol.

    you might look at park model  RV .


    My toy hauler ( Fuzion 371 ) has 2 separate living areas. Just a thought to expand your search.

    Good luck.


    LaShawnda, have you looked at KZ?  They make some pretty good toy haulers that might meet your needs.  As an owner of one, I can tell you a bunch about them.  I searched for 2 years from everything from RV shows to dealers to internet before I purchased.  Here’s what I can tell you briefly about the KZ’s.

    • All of them come with the “climate package” so they are insulated throughout, double paned windows, and enclosed underbelly.
    • Each holding tank is insulated and has air circulating in it from the ductwork of the heater to prevent freezing.
    • the 15,000 BTU A/C is standard as well as 50AMP service and comes pre-wired for a second 13,500BTU A/C
    • Bulit in surgeguard with transfer switch fromt the factory
    • ours came with the 5500 Onan and Solar prep which seems to be the norm on most of them
    • they have a variety of floor plans and garage sizes depending on your needs
    • They come with a 2 year warranty as opposed to a 1 year like most other brands.

    The only knock I can really give mine is that the heat is not ducted to the garage area.  This is my specific unit, but I figured I would point that out.  It is, however, ducted for A/C.  I can tell you that just this past weekend I had   a Holmes Quartz heater plugged in through shore power and it took the rig about 45 minutes to warm up to a comfortable temp to do some things and it was 19 degrees outside.  If I run the furnace, it’s about 1/2 that.


    I would suggest checking them out:


    Stephen C Keller

    I have to add that you have given a lot of thought on what you need. That is a big step. Now it is finding what will fit your needs. All above have given you good ideas. Now look for what will work for you and yet meet as much as you can. But unless it is a emergency don’t pull the handle to quick and purchase right away. Take some time to look, see if someone can make what you need and the cost basis. Maybe that with some small amount of work you can take something already made and change with small modification to meet your wishes. Good hunting and welcome to the best forum on the net.   :yahoo:

    Kent V. W.

    A condo in the Caribbean within walking distance of Walmart..

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