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    The wife and I cancelled Corpus Christi for Christmas and have now decided to go to New Orleans. I need help on find a reasonable rv park for approx. a week. 40 ft class a and towing a car. Back in pull threw I don’t care. prefer 50 amp but will suffer with 40. Everything I am finding costs a arm and a leg, one costs a left nut but the wife refuses to take mine out of her purse. Anyone have ideas or been before. We don’t have to be right in town. Something close cause we will have a car to site see. Somewhere close to a voodoo store so I can get one of Norma. :yahoo: Any help would be appreciated.


    We really liked Bayou Segnette State Park.

    In 2011 we parked and took the ferry across the Mississippi to the French Quarter which was free for foot passengers and $1.00 for cars at that time.

    Have fun!!!




    Carol Holmes

    Don’t know about parks, but do take a cemetery tour while you’re there. Lots of interesting history. And an airboat swamp tour is also a must. Lots of fun, especially if your guide is a crazy Cajun.


    Steve and Dianne thanks for that link. Its perfect for what we are looking for. I will be making reservations there…


    Carol I saw the tours online and will be making reservations to do one. Looks really cool. I also saw river boat ride in the evening and they have a buffet dinner. A little pricey but I think it will be worth it


    I am in trouble on this trip , wife said last night I have to make all plans and just surprise her as we go along. Wish me luck




    Best of Luck there James!!!

    I’m sure your wife will be very pleased with the plans that you make. Voodoo store?

    Norma seems nervous so she must know what you’re talking about! We don’t have that kind of store up here in the Northeast! :unsure:


    hahahahaha…. “surprise her”….HAHAHAHAH….


    Nawlins sounds like a awesome place to spend Xmas! Have a great time, I know you will.  😈

    Carol Holmes

    If you are in Baton Rouge, the is a restaurant called Parraines that is excellent. I had the drum fish and it was some of the best, freshest seafood I have ever had. DH had oysters and shrimp, which he said were also delicious. Also, in NOLA the World War II museum is excellent —  a great thing to do if the weather is inclement, or even if it’s not!


    Remember – pictures! But nothing that Norma can use as blackmail :doh:


    X2 on the WWII museum.

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