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    Hi to all from Rockhound State Park.

    I am going to be going on a New Mexico State Park tour for the next few weeks.

    I am currently at Rockhound SP. I decided to purchase a yearly NM, State Park Pass.

    The pass cost $225.00 for a out of state resident good for one year from date of purchase.

    The park is very clean with flushing toilets and showers.

    They have a dump station and fresh water for people in the park.

    The sites are spaced out so you are not on top of each other.

    They have reserved sites you can reserve online. But I just drove up and they had other sites for first come first serve.

    With the yearly pass the cost of a site with water & electric was only $4.00 a night.

    By the way Ray the Prickly Pear Cactus have buds on them but not quite in bloom yet.

    I will be posting other update as I move from park to park.



    Sounds like a great park.


    So I spent the day kicking around Deming, NM today. It is not much of a town to speak of.

    I did find a couple of good places to go. The first is Deming Luna Mimbres Museum.

    There is no set admission charge, they ask that you offer a contribution to the museum.

    It is very well kept and good displays. A lot of 1800 to day displays.

    A good way to spend a couple of hours.

    The other place I visited to day was Irmas Restaurant at 123 S Silver Ave right down from the museum. It is a family owned Mexican restaurant.

    The food was very good and good size portions. The total bill was only $11.15.

    I had Sopapilla stuffed with shredded beef and green chile sauce. Then for dessert  I had a Sopapilla covered with honey.

    Deming also had a Historic Landmark Walking Tour. If you are into old buildings.

    I also did this tour but found it not so pleasant.

    So I forgot to tell you all that at Rockhound state park I get 3 bars on Verizon with no booster.

    If you would like to check out NM State Parks online go to It will give you a total rundown on the parks.

    Well that’s it for to day.


    Thanks for the reports. I never got down there but was told there is a good museum down south a bit at Pancho Villa State Park.  Also good eats in the town of Columbus.

    Have fun, must be a bit warm down that way by now but I know you like that. 🙂



    I checked out another park not far from Rockhound State Park. It is called Spring Canyon.

    It is 3 miles from Rockhound Park. It is a day use area only. It is open from 08:00-16:00 hrs daily. It has 10 picnic pavilions, 1 group pavilion, and vault toilets. Their is no water or trash cans. You must pack out all trash yourself. It has one .9 mi marked trail, very steep. Other areas you could walk around without a marked trail. As far as I could tell it is part of Rockhound State Park. I don’t see you having to pay extra to use it. I will post photos of the park.


    Yes it is a great park and so are all other New Mexico state Parks.  Cannot beat the price at 14 a night with 30 amp and water.  We spent 6 days at Rock Hound this March while getting my differential re-built in Demming.


    Stephen C Keller

    Love hearing about the experiences all of you are having. Please keep up the reports and postings. Maybe next winter the wife and I can get down and experience them also.   B-)


    I have moved to City of Rocks State Park, NM. This place is awesome!

    I did a short walk around and I’m thinking I like this place better then Rockhound.

    It has 10 electric sites, 45 nonelectric, and more trails.

    It even has an Observatory, how awesome is that.

    Unfortunately the next veiwing is not till the 20th May.

    I will be long gone by then. Well here are some photos of the place so far.



    We have also stayed at City of Rocks.  Recommend not doing the electrical sites if you can get your rig into one of the unique and private sites.  It is much like camping at Belle campground in Joshua Tree NP.  Very very nice spot.



    Hi to All

    I went on a 4.5 mi hike this morning.  I went on the outer trail around the park. Starting at the visitor center and ending at the Botanical gardens. Went on the trail west of the park and checked out the picnic area on the far side of the park. I saw birds, rabbits, lizards, and squirrels. The trail was mostly on semi level ground. They had benches to rest on that were covered with shade. I was looking over the valley from the picnic area. Here are some photos of the signage at the lookout.

    I have been able to get 3 bars on Verizon with no booster.



    Went to Silver City on a day trip yesterday to check it out and wash clothes.

    I went to the old town and found that most of the shops and other places were close. I guess it must be the wrong time of year. Even the Silver City Museum was half way closed do to renovations. The city itself has grown a lot sense 1995 the last time I was there.

    But there is other things to do in the area. Like go to Gila Cliff Dwellings, the catwalk, hot springs, and check out one of the lakes in the area.

    I will be heading over to another park tomorrow. Post more later. 🙂



    Hi to All

    I was able to check out some of the area today. I took a ride down to a ghost town called Lake Valley. It is a old silver mine. In it’s day it was one of the biggest in NM. There is some old buildings, the mine itself, a small museum, and all kinds of old stuff laying around. It is run by BLM now. No camping, only day use area. I also checked out the mining town of Hillsboro, NM.

    The town of Hillsboro is like any other old town trying to stay alive. It has a couple of places to eat and a few small shops.

    Elephant Butte State Park itself is one of the largest lakes in NM. From what I can see people come here to boat, jet ski, and a little fishing. It has three electric / water camp grounds. A lot of primitive camping. Most of the primitive camping you need a 4WD vehicle due to the sandy roads. There is also RV Parks near by in the city of Elephant Butte.  I am able to get 3 bars on Verizon with no booster. I will be posting some photos of the area.

    Mike and Lesia

    Thanks for these posts, keep them coming!


    I was out riding the motorcycle yesterday and found out that there is 9 other access points to Elephant Butte Lake. Only one of them are RV accessible (South Monticello Campground).

    This campground is newer than the main camp area. It is more open and no trees. It has nice gravel areas for the RV’s. All with electric and water. Dump station, showers, and flushing toilets.

    One is only a marina boat launch area (Rock Canyon Marina).

    The others are for 4WD vehicles to get down to the lake and camp.

    I will be going to Caballo Lake tomorrow and give you a report on that area.

    I will post photos of the areas I found yesterday.


    We stayed at the South Monticello camp, was very peaceful, big campsites and nice views. At Caballo, we hauled the trailer over to the dry camping area, 8 bucks a night right above the water.

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="560"] South Monticello[/caption]

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="557"] Lake Caballo[/caption]

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