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    We have been subscribers and watchers of Ray’s Love Your RV You Tube Channel for a couple years now which we have enjoyed and found useful.  Just getting around to join this forum and looking forward to meeting folks along the way.

    Lin An and I are full-timers with our two Akita’s.  We sold our home last January and moved into our Eagle Cap 1165 truck camper and have not looked back.

    In the mean time, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    Thanks, Merry Christmas!  Nice looking little rig you have there. Cheers, Ray

    Eddie & Aileen

    Merry Christmas!

    Stephen C Keller

    Merry Christmas and Welcome to the club


    Thank you all.

    Dale Watkins

    Not new to Ray’s RV, but new to the ‘Happy Hour’ portion!   We have RVed for 35+ years, but recently bought our first Class A diesel pusher, and as most know, ALL Rv’s need to be worked on from time to time, so I found Ray’s site, and on top of that I am an ‘enthusiast’ photographer, so I follow Ray’s wife Anne as well, and have several of her e-books!   Her help on photography is extremely helpful, and I’m thankful for both Ray & Anne, having an interest in both of their endeavours.    Our initial plan was to head out about now (Jan 2019) but we’re waiting for my wife to have a procedure, prior to doing so, and we all know the slow crawl of the medical system these days.   I know I’ll have a million questions in the future, so this site is invaluable!   Oddly, I was about to just start a ‘list’ on the computer on regions/areas which would be good to start out on going to for our first ‘Snowbird’ outing, and realized Ray has mentioned many over the years, which brought me here to his site again.   We plan on keeping our sticks & bricks, so our travel plans will differ from many, but we’d like to try ‘months’ first, and move up as we get into this lifestyle.   So much to see, and as age moves along, we hope to fill it with the many wonderful locations as possible.   I’ve not yet made it to the east coast at all, so there is all of that, but I love the southwest of the U.S., of which we’ve seen much, but seem to not get enough of.   Always thought perhaps trying a ‘caravan’ trip one day as well!   It’s going to be a balance, of time at home watching the grandkids grow, and off on another adventure, exploring the many places many of you have seen already! :Hug:

    Doug Schneider

    Welcome. I truly enjoy seeing others enjoy RVing. As we get ready to transition, it’s nice to hear how others are doing. Safe Travels!

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