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    David G

    While I do not yet own an RV, I have been in the market and researching all I can. I have narrowed it down to a 5th wheel and have narrowed that down to a few select units.

    While talking to different dealers and searching online I did notice how different the price of hitches were, especially at dealerships where they have no problem overpricing the hitch by $500 or more.

    I did not want to get into this trap so after narrowing down what we we’re looking for in a trailer I started pricing hitches to get the best deal possible. I highly recommend doing this.

    There was such a wide price range on the same hitches, always higher at the dealership but there were plenty of great prices around if you are willing to look and ask.

    Sites like and seemed to offer the best prices having the co-cheapest and offering an additional 5% off on promo codes if you looked. I was able to negotiate online to get Sdtrucksprings down another couple percent which made them the cheapest. I almost purchased from them at that point until upon further searching I happened upon in Illinois and found that they would give a 10% off any first time order.

    Ended up getting a B&W Slider Hitch for Ram for $1404 total after finding lowest available price at $1549 and dealerships we’re charging between $1699 and $2200.

    So now we have a 5th wheel hitch but no trailer, but are prepared now for that next step.

    Do your homework and you can save plenty of money!

    Walt & Vicky Davis

    If you have a hitch, you have your choice of 5th wheels – just make sure nobody’s home first! 🙂

    thanks for the info.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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