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    Larry, we got our tire covers on for our seasonal site stay this spring. Our tires have a lot of tread but the dry rot is scary! That’s why new tires are in order before our next trip ! The covers are suppose to help! :good:


    Bruce – Doing our own Mods is normal, especially with a used Rig. Can’t wait to see how Ray made out with his floor. No pressure, Ray – HINT HINT 😉


    Things are happening fulltiming preparations. One thing on our wishlist is a sink cover. We’ve looking around for over a year, we’ve even been in touch with Jayco with no luck. We have a friend who makes cabinets, chairs ,tables and stuff for boats. We asked him if he could make us a sink cover – we actually want two separate covers (double sink). We should have them next week and he won’t charge us! What a nice friend!!! So, sink cover is coming off the wishlist, too. I’m gonna tell my friend that if he wants to expand his business he should look into providing RV Mods!

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)
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