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    After a lot of thought I wish for at least a months worth of free fuel. I picked a month cause I didn’t want to sound greedy


    Best wish list item ever – be greedy – go far a years worth!


    If we want to be honest our wish would be GAS FOR LIFE!!!


    Addition #1 – Wonderwash


    Addition #2 – Solar phone Charger


    I’m adding this:

    TATTLETALE HOME SECURITY ALARM SYSTEM, Wireless, “Cell-Burst” Technology, Portable, GSM SMS Email Cellular

    • All-in-one, with built-in siren, strobe light, motion detector, LCD touch-screen. Two door/window sensors and remote control key fob included with each order. Installation of remote sensors takes only minutes by even non handy-men.
    • All Tattletale components and assembly are done in the United States. All components, including base unit and sensors are constructed of Military Grade, High-Impact plastics, making them virtually indestructible.
    • The base unit is portable and weighs less that two pounds. Place it anywhere in your home or apartment. Usually, people keep it on their nightstand, so they can set it after going to bed. The small slot on the left side (see photo above) is for a camera chip which lets the unit double as a photo display for all of your family pictures. Your visitors and guests will not even know that it is an alarm system!
    • Quality design and construction means NO FALSE ALARMS! Tattletale has been the leader in Commercial and Industrial security for over two devades. Now, Tattletale makes their legendary technology available to the home.
    • Tattletale is the only alarm system to use patented and proprietary “Cell Burst” technology which sends a signal less than one second after an alarm activation. Tattletale does not require a land phone line, as all other security systems do. The optional 24/7 National Monitoring Service or SMS/Email Service will notify you and/or police. It is NOT required to sign up for either of these services. You can still use your Tattletale as a local alarm, as many people choose to do. The Tattletale Base Unit has both a high-decibel sonic alarm and a high-intensity strobe light, intended to scare away any would-be intruders.

    :good: B-)


    Costco right now (6/5/14) has a Grape Solar package for under $1100.00.   Includes 4 – 100 watt solar panels, 35 amp charge controller ,2000 watt pure sine wave inverter plus the wiring.


    Ok for an ultimate Wish List.  If I could have ANYTHING…I’d want this.  And this probably tells you more about me than I want you to know, :geek:


    It looks like you got a RV/Boat/Mansion hybrid ! :wacko:

    Bruce & Lori

    Auto Satellite Dish would be great.  Would like to keep up with local news/sports when snowbirding.  Have Bell Expressview at home but understand you can’t get their signal down south anymore.  Guess I’d have to switch to Shaw.  If were being really decadent a 6 point Auto Level system would be real sweet.

    Gail Joyner

    I like that auto sat dish idea, my hubby loves his TV, and I would be the one up on the roof moving the rabbit ears!  I also want a portable campfire that I don’t have to mess with, like the one Ray wants–the Little Red Campfire.  An outdoor camp stove would be nice too.  It seems that most new campers only have a two burner stove inside the kitchen.  I love to grill out so between the outdoor stove and cooking on top of the portable fire pit, I’ll be all set.

    Marsha & Dewey

    Funny James.’.. Heck yea why not be greedy, let’s go for our full time RV travels! Maybe Ellen will give it to us. :yahoo:


    Getting tire covers somewhere this week ,just trying to keep them out of sun between trips. Will replace tire every 5 years ,preventive maintenance.

    Bruce & Lori

    When we ordered our unit from the factory this spring I asked if we could eliminate all carpet and go with vinyl.  I also asked about deleting the mattress and getting a credit .  Was told the factory won’t do any mods that aren’t listed as options.  They sure aren’t very customer friendly.

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