My RV Modifications to date

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    Ray and Maria

    More Modifications

    Foam Vent covers to keep the heat out in summer and cold out in winter


    Installed a 30amp RV plug in our garage. Even though we can’t store the coach at home we can plug in and stay comfortable while loading it up for our trips.

    Cup holder mount for my tablet/phone


    Ray and Maria

    Here are a few pictures of the Old light bulbs and new LEDs for comparison. The new LED has white color and brighter.


    Old shower bulb

    New LED shower bulb



    I’m adding that cell phone holder to my RV wishlist! -Nancy

    Ray and Maria

    Nancy- it has come in handy for holding my cell phone, 7 inch HP slate tablet and my mp3 music player. As luck would have it my radio has a USB port so i can plug them in and keep them charged.


    COOL B-) -Nancy

    Ray and Maria

    Additional mods

    MaxxAir and MaxxAir II vents

    Hitch extension and bike rack – extension gets the bikes a little higher from the ground

    30 amp surge/low voltage protector

    Insulation between plastic skylight covers – helps reduce head gain/loss and light

    Solar heated water bag – not really a mod but useful. Used it to wash off the sand from the kids legs and feet before they entered the coach. Helped keep down the sad infiltration and wife was happy not to have to sweep all the time. we where parked north/south so the bad had the sun all day long. by early afternoon the water was very warm


    I like the hitch extension.  We don’t have anything on our 5’vr to carry our bikes.  I’ve crawled around under the back end and maybe we can get something welded in but I don’t know if that is a good idea.


    Found a bike rack that clamps onto the rectangular bumper of the RV.  Our bumper is aluminium so I’m concerned about the strength.  Has anyone used this style?


    We are also looking for the best way to carry our bikes. We will stay tuned to this station for updates and will add when we can.

    Bob  :mail:


    I noticed on one of the pictures that Ray and Maria posted they have a bike rack on their aluminium bumper with what looks like 3 or 4 bikes.  We already have a spare tire rack mounted on ours so I am concerned with extra weight.  I’ve looked at a few bike rack systems on line but they all say “for use on steel bumper”.  Last thing I want is to rip the bumper off!


    I’d be a little concerned about putting too much weight on an RV bumper. Ours came from the factory with a slide out bike rack which is attached to the frame underneath but even with that the max weight is stated as 200lbs. I move the spare tire to the truck when I put the bikes on it. If you have ever driven behind an RV with bikes on the back on a bumpy road you’ll see they really can bounce around and place pretty good force on the holder.

    I’d check how the bumper is attached to the RV, if it only has a few spot welds holding it I’d be concerned.  Maybe you could ask a welding shop to have a look, they usually know metals really well and may be able to re-enforce the bumper is necessary.

    Here is a link with some good info –

    Ray and Maria

    The bike rack we have isn’t attached to the bumper it is connected to the hitch assembly that is rated for towing 5k lbs. I believe the tong weight is 1k lbs. I added a hitch extension that allows me to have the bike rack and pull a trailer or car.

    I would consider something like this for putting a bike rack on the bumper. with 4 attach points you would be able to spread the weight across more of the bumper close to the where the frame and bumper connect. There are 2 bike and 4 bike versions available.

    Ray and Maria

    New additions

    Digital thermostat


    additional 12v ports


    110v plugs with USB ports


    12v USB charging station with volt meter


    I like the digital thermostat, very slick looking. Nice job on the mods.

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