Monitor Panel Fuse Blowing

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    I think this may have to be something I take to the RV shop but first wanted to be sure I have exhausted trying anything obvious. I have a 2004 Fleetwood Terra class A

    A while back, my tank monitor panel quit working; all except the house batteries indicator, water pump, and water heater switches (which are mounted on the panel). I chased it back to a 3 amp fuse that is labeled: LP Detect. I replaced the fuse and it blew immediately; checked with a meter, it is drawing more that 30 amps.

    So I disconnected all wires going to the monitor panel — still drawing >30 amps. Disconnected the house batteries (with the cutoff switch) — still >30 amps at the fuse.
    Disconnected the engine batteries (with the cutoff switch) — No amp draw showing.

    Obviously, I have a short somewhere but don’t know what all is connected to that fuse. I checked the tank sensor wires and they all look ok. I can’t think of what else to check. Any ideas?



    My guess would be a wire or wire bundle that has become pinched or chaffed and is grounding out on the frame. I would use the meters ohms mode or continuity check, mine has a continuous beep if it is short and hook it up to the short side of the fuse holder. Then go through and try and wiggle the wires to see if you find an area that stops the short reading.

    It can be pretty hard to find if it is in an enclosed area of the rig, you may have to start taking apart panels.

    Sad part is usually those tank lights don’t work properly anyway. If that is the only function not working might be cheaper to leave the fuse out and have a good set of gauges installed than pay the RV guys to chase the short down if it ends up being a time consuming affair.


    Good suggestion Ray. I don’t really use the gauges anyway because our outings our only a couple of days usually, and usually with full hookup. It just bothers me that it doesn’t work. What I can see/feel of the wires look to be in pretty good shape (except the on at the LP tank). My ohm meter gives a continuous tone so I will give that a go today.

    Also, only the gauges seem to not work — at least nothing else I use isn’t effected. But I like your idea of just replacing the panel if it comes to that.


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