Modded My Rigs Sewer Output for Waste Master Hose

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    See full blog post with photos and product links –

    In this video, I install a custom storage box to hold my Waste Master Sewer Hose. It’s special because the hose will not need to be unhooked when we break camp making it much more convenient and sanitary. It will make dumping the tanks super simple.

    Even my wife Anne gives it a try at the end of the video.  :good:

    See original Waste Master Sewer System Review & Video –

    I show you how I customized the install to work on my 2011 Keystone Cougar Fifth Wheel trailer.

    It took a bit of thought and some serious modifications to the sewer systems output plumbing but I think it will make dumping the tanks a breeze going forward.

    Why the heck don’t new RVs come with something like this pre-installed? We pay enough for them! When we bought our over 34,000 dollar Cougar fifth wheel we were given a 10 dollar 6″ sewer hose and sent on our way. :Poo:  Crazy!   :wacko:

    For info and parts check out –

    Looking for a link to my lovely wife’s photography site?? –


    Hi Ray,


    Good looking mod for your drainmaster setup!  I was wondering why the check valves?  I don’t have them in my rig and I don’t think they were in yours before you started.  There shoudn’t be anything much in the pipes with good working gate valves, so why would someone need these check valves?  I’ve never seen them anywhere in any other rig either and I’ve been rv’ing for 18 years…is this a Canadian thing perhaps?




    P.S.  Enjoying your posts very much…Cheers! :bye:


    Hi Drew, it’s got the do with having a closed valve on the end of the Wast e Master hose. Most RV hoses don’t have that.

    When the hose is extended out it needs air to fill in the new space created. If not for the check valve to let air into the system it wouldn’t want to extend since a suction would be created.

    I could have always just opened the Waste Master’s head valve a bit to let air in as I pulled it out but this is a little nicer, no chance of stray sewer water burping out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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