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    Eddie & Aileen

    Howdy Campers! Aileen, Laura and I “LOVE” this life of fulltiming, meeting all of the wonderful people, and seeing the sights you may never even see in a typical “Stick & Brick” life. I love helping out new RV friends at all the next locations as we go down the road. As you know I helped out Rush and Lola with solar set-up on their Cougar 5th wheel last month. I believe these two are changed people and will forever be imprinted with the “Freedom” of a boondocking life.  This has become a passion of mine, and I love to see peoples faces when thay make their first cup of “Solar” coffee!  For a wile I’ve been working place to place as a CDL driver and a HVAC tech. This has been the only down fall to fulltiming for us. We want to travel and help the “Boondockers” with solar installation, RV equipment repairs and replacement, Etc.  This is something we have been wanting to do for a long time, but only if I can provide good services for the job. I’m one of you and plumb dislike so called “RV Service Centers” were you go out with more problems than you came in with.

    So as my forefathers did, I throw out my shingle and offer our services over the road to all you good RVers out in RVHH land. Please pass it on down the road!

    Happy Trails Campers!!!    :good:

    Mobile Homestead Solar Services (252) 475-8034



    I’m proud to say that we were his first customer. We are smiling with our new equipment which is performing very good. Never imagined it would change our thinking of where we staying. Now all we look for is National Parks, CG under BLM, National Forest. We recently stayed on National Forest Land and for two weeks it was $120. Now we are staying for three nights and it was $165 and no sewage. Crazy how people gouge folks cause leaves are changing. If you want a customers review, heres one. Very Professional job. Neat with his work. Very understanding when I asked question and didn’t pick up on it right away was very patient with me explaining until I did get it. Continues to call and make sure we are happy and if I need help he returns my call. Would recommended Mobile Homestead Solar Services.


    Awesome Eddie.  :yahoo:

    You do terrific work, best of luck in your new venture! I will definitely be recommending you to folks who need service.

    Bill Adkin

    wishing you great success on your new venture Eddie, from what I’ve seen of your work you will be filling a HUGE void ( good, workable ideas that truly benefit the user) from a person who has done it. Will probably be making an extended trip down through Colorado, Utah and Montana next spring to retrieve one of the boys who is working in Denver for a year, if I can figure out my solar needs by then I will definitely be in touch.


    Eddie & Aileen

    Thanks Bill, I have known many RV owners that can not get good service done. I just feel we can offer more to the “Boondocking” community, and travel around so we can meet-up. This “IS” the life for us, and I love helping out other RVers out with their campers. If we were independently wealthy I would do it for free I love it so much……..But I lost the golden goose. We believe in the old saying “One hand shakes the other”, and think we can offer a good job for a fare pay.

    Just give us a call or PM us here on RVHH when you figure out what you might wan’t to do. We will be heading down to the SW deserts the first of November, if your down that way we could also meet-up. Also we can still be reached were ever we go by our cell #  (252) 475-8034

    Happy Trails!!!

    Eddie & Aileen

    Thank Ray, You do terrific work also buddy!

    Happy Trails—Pal!!!

    Eddie & Aileen

    Hi Campers, Rush did a lot of videoing when we installed and set-up his solar power system in his 5th wheel last month. Here is two snip-it videos on panel set-up and the MorningStar TriStar PWM solar charge controller. There will be a full installation video of Rush & Lola’s solar power system at a later date. It’s in the hands of the professional video people and should be out in a month or so.

    Hope you guys like these, and as always…..Happy Trails!!!:bye:

    Here is the links to the two videos………


    Solar Controller Install MorningStar TriStar 45 amp PWM

    Solar Panels “Keeping them Cool” makes you more Power!!!


    Mike Fischer

    Eddie, thanks for the great job on our inverter/charger install this week! Combined with our solar panels we should be in excellent shape for an extended stay at Quartzsite. Two thumbs up! 🙂

    Mike & Kathie

    Eddie & Aileen

    Howdy Campers! I never made a link to our web site Wyoming Gypsys Mobile Homesteading

    There is some pictures of installs we have done along the “Boondocker” road!

    If you need any help setting up your solar system, or need one installed give us a call

    (252) 475-8034 or you can e-mail us at- :good:

    Happy Trails!!!:bye:

    Eddie & Aileen

    Howdy Campers! Here is a short Snip-It video of us in the Valley Of The God near Bluff, Ut

    We stayed there for 10 wonderful days this spring.

    Happy Trails!!!

    Eddie & Aileen

    Howdy Campers! We just finished installing solar power systems on a Travel Trailer and a Winnebago Journey class-A the last two weeks.

    It’s been a “Long” two weeks! We are glad to help to get these campers out in the wild and off the cord.

    If you need help with a solar power storage system for your RV get a hold of us anytime.

    Eddie — Mobile Homestead Solar Services (252) 475-8034:bye:

    On YouTube —- Mobile Homesteading

    Web site —-


    That motorhome is ME!  I’m the reason that Eddie’s week was so long! Boy am I one happy camper!  Eddie just installed my complete new solar system including 4 new batteries, a new inverter/charger and 4 sparkling solar panels.  Of course there were all the other connectors and gismos as well.  I couldn’t believe what a beautiful job Eddie did!  I thought I was a perfectionist, but Eddie beats me by a mile! It’s beautiful to look at but, even more so, it runs like a champ!  What a beautiful person he is!  And he had a beautiful family as well!  I wanted to adopt their daughter! Afer one short week (long for Eddie…) I feel like we all will be friends for life! Thank you, Eddie, from the bottom of my heart.  You are amazing!


    Correction: (typo) He HAS a beautiful family, not HAD!  Sorry!


    Hi, I see that you have a 252 area code. Are you in NC now or do you come this way? We are interested in putting solar in our 5th wheel. We are near Swansboro.

    Eddie & Aileen

    Howdy Steve & Gladys! I was born and raised in the village of Hatteras on the Outer Banks. We base out of my wife’s family ranch in the North East Wyoming. We spend the summers there but are fulltimers and snowbird to the South West before the snow flies.

    We are coming to NC by the end of the month to help Rush & Lola install a system in their 5th wheel. Also coming to visit my Dad & Mom in Greenville and family on the OBX.

    If you are looking to get a solar power system we could figure out something after we get done with Rush & Lola. Our E-Mail is…….

    We don’t have cell signal down here at the ranch until Wednesday when we leave to head east.

    I can go up the hill and call you anytime.

    Cell# (252) 475-8034:bye:

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