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    Hey Alton and Sharon,I just went across 60 a few weeks ago on my way from NW Mo. over to Poplar Bluff to pickup a wrecked pickup truck for a fellow that I took to Detroit.I really need to keep a better eye on postings so I can wave as I pass thru areas.It was kinda chilly that day. :bye:

    Jeff Ledford

    Annother great product is called Xcluder. (In case anyone wants to ask, I know this because I am a retired exterminator – 25 years I had my own business.)

    Also, if you are cleaning up behind an infestation, BE CAREFUL! Deer mice are the primary carriers of hantavirus, and if you don’t clean up properly there can still be a danger. 1 part Clorox bleach to 10 parts water is the recommended solution. Spray all areas of evidence (droppings, nest, etc) until wet, and then let dry before you attempt cleanup.

    Ron Wolfgram


    I left my trailer in storage for 2 months. The first time I turn my furnace  I had a terrible smell of mouse urine. Did a little checking and found that they are in the heat ducts on my trailer.  So I have been busy. I pulled the furnace out to clean it. I found the nests, got rid of them and had to replace two of the 4 inch heat ducts because they were contaminated.  I have been fighting the mice for a while. And have tried most of the repellents I find the best is old fashioned traps with pb or the sticky traps.

    I found where they have been entering. A plumbing hole that I had missed.  I Did find a nice product for sealing things up.  Great stuff pestblock spray in foam. It has something in it that repels critters.  Hopefully I have it sealed up.

    Ron W

    ps: I pulled all the vents and glued in some aluminum window screen to mouse proof <span style=”-webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);”>them</span>

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