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    even though we are in the process of downsizing  our house to go fulltime. I think its nice to have some sort of visual reminder of your travels. We usually get stickers but there is only so much room  on the bumper and the cooler. I remember seeing pins/buttons at a lot of NP, SP, NF etc so I thought maybe its a good idea to collect those…  I ordered a cork board and traced a US MAP on it ( plus giving some states a bit of a new shape since “arts and crafts” isn’t really my thing.

    Let’s see if it works for us or if we end up doing something else. What is everyone else here doing  to remember their travels ?


    James Wells

    Looks pretty good to me. :Cool:  :Cool:  :Cool:  :Cool:


    Thanks… I had to make lake erie a bit bigger to get new york in somewhat of a good shape and oklahoma got a bit of a cooked shape… Tracing it with carbon paper didnt work that good but…oh well

    William Uribe

    Well said James. I agree with you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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