Meet my new best friend – Mr. Pool Noodle

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    Keith Proudman

    I am finding more and more uses for the pool noodle and think it would be interesting to hear other people’s ingenuity with this must have item.

    Here are a couple ideas for this lightweight super product. Remember if nothing else they can be used in a pool. Do you have a creative idea for the “noodle”?

    Safety first – I cut 4 pieces of pool noodle about 6″ long and then put a 45 degree cut on each end. I place these on the lower corners of slides. This has saved a few headaches. I than took it one step further and applied reflective material to 2 of the pieces per slide. This may prevent someone hitting the slide on a dark stormy night.

    Cleaning the top of my slides – So after staying in a forested rv site during a wind storm I found my slides were covered in leaves and pine needles. It was raining when we bugged out and climbing a ladder to the roof to clean off the slides was just not something I wanted to do. I took an old towel and cut 2 pieces of pool noodle the same width as the towel. I sewed a sleeve in each end of the towel and put the noodle pieces in these sleeves. I then passed light rope about 20′ long through one end and tied it back on itself about 12″ away from the towel. I repeated this procedure with the other end. It looks like a towel hammock. I then took an old racquet ball (a tennis ball would do) and punctured it and passed the end of one of the rope through it. (this is the heaving weight.)
    So I throw the heaving ball over the slide and with my wife on one end and me on the other end we work the towel over the slide wiping off all the debris and then pull it back. Sawing back and forth a few times the slides are clean of debris and the slides are ready to be retracted.

    Hope to hear more ideas

    Keith Proudman

    Pool noodles can be used for insulating your fresh water hose if temperatures drop. Simply slit lengthways tuck the hose inside and put a few tie wraps around it to hold it in place.

    My 32″ television is on a swing out mount. When I tuck it away for transit I place a 12″ piece of small pool noodle between the TV and the wall then tension the hold down strap. Gives a little bit if cushion against sudden jolts of the road. Keep a couple of these low budget must haves around in your storage. Lightweight and oh so versatile.


    Banged my head once on slideout,one time too many.

    Sherri Rabren

    Oh my french fries!!! I love pool noodles! We use them for hose insulation,pipe insulation, cushion on our kayak caddies, slides, trailer hitch, the list goes on! I have even use them as a neck pillow when I cant get comfortable or need some extra support. They also make a great wrist splint in an emergency, or a leg splint for fur kids…( I am a retired EMT )

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