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    I just used Fuller’s Automotive Services, 16 Woodland Dr, Port Jervis, NY 12771, 845 856-5702. They also have large rig towing available. $85 per working hour. They found a couple tough electrically issues I had.

    Chris & Cindy

    Sorry you had troubles, glad you got fixed up :yahoo:

    Thanks for the info, I will have to write that one down, and hope I never need it :mail:


    I hope you don’t need them either Chris and Cindy but the entire gang of them are hard workers and not quitters. The old man recently retired and now is employed by his son and the old man made sure that all men work their hardest plus add more effort. It was his grandson who figured out most of my electrically issues they ole man couldn’t find. And $85 an hr is a cheap rate for the area and there are no RV repair shops around.


    I love the quote! :good:


    After a few miles and 2 more breakdowns I have to take back all the good news I have posted about Fuller’s. With the huge amount of money paid to have the battery and electrical issue resolved I am disappointed. Yes they did figure out the electrical issue, thank goodness. But it only would have taken seconds to check each dash gauge with a meter and they would have found that the voltage and fuel meters are broken and must be replaced.

    Also I was charged $8 for a used ground battery bolt and I am almost ok with that except they NEVER changed the bolt. I saw this for myself at Bud’s Electric Shop in Clearfield, PA.

    Also they not only left a wrench on the engine to get lodged where ever but also left a voltage meter on my battery which I saw glowing at 5am the next morn. I waited several hours for them to open to call them to see if they wished to meet me 2 miles away and then waited several more hours since they wanted the costly meter back. I didn’t expect a finder’s fee but thought about it later and it would have been nice since it held up my day for some 7 hours and I had to pay them $85 per hour.

    I am now on mechanic #7?, sadly enough, and don’t have much good to say about the first 6. That is pitiful and painful.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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