Lota Wind and a Little Luck


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    After reading William Pender’s post on wind I was thinking how fortunate we have been not to have experienced winds more than 10 mph.  That was until last night and today!

    But first a little mention by way of background.  I have to say that Anne and Ray’s encouraging us to buy an RV a little over a year ago in the midst of our doubts has greatly improved our lives; especially after our experiences the last couple of days.  (See Ray’s blog post and Anne’s blog post)  Our motorhome made, what would have been an intolerable day at the eye doctor’s office tolerable in spite some new experiences with wind.

    After we got out of the doctor’s office very late in the day, Highway 395 (from Reno north) was closed to RVs due to high winds.  Ok, no problem, we have the RV.  Get a slot at Grand Sierra Resort Casino RV park.  I am tired and managing stress from other events in the day moderately well and was happy that I got pad 344 which we had last time and I know it was level and close to the dog potty area.  After which Annie reminds me that she wanted the pull through across from it because it had a tree, hedges and was concrete.  The office was closed by that time so couldn’t switch (not that I really wanted to).  Before bed time I had to drop the satellite dish because the wind was throwing it off.  About midnight the wind had really kicked up.  Even the airport apparently closed (not too uncommon in Reno) as the planes had quit landing some time ago.  The poor dog was quite nervous so I cuddled him under my arm in the front room and he quickly went to sleep — poor little guy.  I had given up on sleep and was reading as the wind continued to increase.  I hadn’t locked down the flap-door to the power cord compartment and it kept flapping so at 2am I decided to lock it.  A couple across the way must have had enough of their fifth-wheel rocking and were hooking it up to their pickup for added stability.  They were parked in the pull-thru next to the one with the tree that Annie wanted — the one that now had a tree laying down across the pad.  Wouldn’t that have been fun in the middle of the night!!

    Checked road conditions and the 395 closure was lifted but the winds were still up to 20-30 gusting to 40mph.  I hadn’t driven our rig in winds over 10mph and wasn’t sure what to expect.  Asked around and everyone said it shouldn’t be a problem, just slow down.  But I couldn’t help thinking of William’s experience.   The guy next to us suggested filling the freshwater tank and fill up with gas (I wasn’t going to not dump the holding tanks, though) as it would add some stability.  Good tip.

    The trip home wasn’t as bad as I anticipated and I by-passed the worst section on a “shortcut” I knew of that hugged the mountains (wind shadow).

    William Pender

    I don’t mind a tail wind at all, head winds I can drive in, but high winds from the side, gusting I’ll sit out when I can. Seems like when the wind is blowing and I am traveling it’s always a head wind, going and comming. when I think about it the wind is always blowing when I am towing. Good Luck! in your travels always.


    I’ve been lucky coming up the Oregon Coast the wind has been helping all the way! So nice when it is moving you along instead of impeding. Lot nicer for the fuel budget too. 😉

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