Losing a Pet

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    My sister Kim @willow is a very good writer, unlike moi.

    She recently lost one of her dogs Harlow and wrote a beautiful send off piece about it on her blog. Thought I would share it here – http://mogillow.com/dear-harlow-forever-and-always/  I think if you have ever lost a pet you will relate.

    Here is a picture of Harlow, who was like a mother to Angie.


    that is one beautiful husky. Next time can you put James don’t read without tissue. That was very nice words. Wednesday I have to take our lab to the vet for surgery, She has a couple of growths they want to remove. Then its sit and wait to see if its cancerous or not. Scares me big time. She came to the office years ago and every time we locked her outside the gate she would dig to come back in. I decided to take her home and give up my side of the bed for her so I could sleep on the couch. All I can think is I hope she will be ok. When I had my heart attack in April she allowed me to sleep in the bed, she moved over enough so I could squeeze in. She stayed by my side and would place her head on me giving those puppy dog eyes.

    Eddie & Aileen

    No kidding, a lot of tissue is a for sure thing.  I almost did not have enough.  yeah we are so lucky to have the care from our pets, they can sure help a person through some tough times.  Our Old Dog was the same way, he did everything with us went everywhere, and everyone loved him no matter whre we went.  He would have been 17, but it was time to let him go, he was a happy dog.  he sure looked good, but inside was not good.  So just liek your dog, he went over that rainbow bridge and he isnt hurting no more, with all our other critters.  Iknow will see him again.  Thanks for sharing even though it was sad.  James dont forget the tissur ha ha ha ha ha .  Aileen


    haha, ya, I should of warned, need tissues. Good luck to you James with your lab. Hope everything turns out well.

    Amazing how pets can get into us so deep. I hardly cry at anything thing but when we put Oscar down I balled for days.

    This was one of the last photos I took of Oscar a few days before we had to put him down. He loved the beach.


    Every time I have to go through it, my brother says, “They are just little tragedies waiting to happen.”  Well, to me, it’s worth the pain at the end for all the joy you and they get during their lives.  I wouldn’t give up a minute of it.  Aunty Kim is one wise woman.  I hope I learn to handle it as well as she, though I know she hurts as much as me.

    Kim Friesen

    Thank you for your kind comments everyone. I got in trouble from a few friends too when I wrote the article for the exact same  reason – tissue, lol.  It touches me that I provoked that kind of feeling sharing my thoughts and pain.  It broke our hearts when we let Harlow (she was a very special dog and Angie’s surrogate momma) go to Rainbow Bridge, but I know she is waiting.

    James I will keep your dog in my thoughts and wish you nothing but a positive outcome and that her surgery goes safely and smoothly.

    The picture that my brother posted of Oscar is so beautiful, hey.  It was taken before they put him down but it was nearing his time.  I cried when I saw it the first time.

    As you can see from the photo Angie was also a therapy pet.  She’s a special dog who has her Auntie Kim wrapped around her finger 🙂  Her and Harlow were the best of friends.  I believe Harlow protects her too with Oscar – Angie has bookend guardian angels 🙂  James my dogs were both there for me when I suffered a stroke as well as Angie – she was only a little puppy but she came to the hospital everyday.  That’s how Angie and Harlow became therapy dogs – I got involved in a local program here after my stroke and stole Ray’s dog, lol.  The love of an animal is awesome and the work they do without words is magical.  Angie and Harlow were a great team indeed!


    Thank-you so much for opening your heart, made me remember our precious mutt Deena. Can’t wait to see her again! – Nancy :yes:

    Kim Friesen

    You’re welcome, Nancy 🙂



    They love us unconditionally,so hard to lose them. I try to find comfort in knowing they had a great life with us,but will always miss there love and loyalty. Sorry to all who have lost a pet.


    When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has brought you delight.
    Kahlil Gibran
    Our pets bring us such delight and joy, that’s why we miss them so. – Nancy

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