Looking for bed making advice.

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    This may seem hokey…but my biggest challenge so far full timing is making the bed!!  Who’duh thunk!  Our bed is pretty typical (I think). Front of the trailer (we have a travel trailer), queen sized, cupboards over head of bed and down sides with bedside tables on each side. No slides. Bed lifts up with storage underneath. I have a duvet, sheets and pillows. My problem is what to do with the sides of the duvet that would normally hang over the sides of the bed, but in the trailer there is a built in bedside table. Having to lift up the mattress to stuff the edges underneath every morning is hard work! There is so little space around the bed itself that it takes a lot of work squeezing around the sides, lifting the mattress, stuffing duvet…whew! I’m exhausted just thinking about it! Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!  I have already decided that if and when we ever get a new RV it will have a slide in the bedroom! It is my only ‘dislike’ of full timing so far. Hardly even room in there to get changed! I think I would have preferred a slightly smaller living  area for another foot of space at the bottom of the bed.

    Margo Schabel

    Know what you mean.  We have a TT with a bed like yours.  Not fulltiming yet but when we go out, yes its a hassle.  We changed our short Queen with a full Queen.  Can’t really sit on the end of the bed as there is no support.  I just throw the quilt over and call it good.  No-one to see but us.   :good:


    We agree with with Margo,

    Our queen size over cab bunk has a nice, full size comforter that fits on top of the mattress so there’s little over hang. Smooth it out and we’re all set!  :good:


    Hi Margo….I think I must be one of those OCD bed people. I can’t stand the bed not being made. I just wish I could get my DH to stay off of it during the day. It’s his go-to place for everything.  I think part of the problem is because we are wintering in BC, and need the extra warmth, the duvet is extra thick. It just makes for extra ‘stuff’ that needs to get tucked somewhere.


    Hi Bob and Nancy…I think my duvet is too big. I’m going to see about trading it with one from home and see if that works better. It doesn’t help when DH is a cover hog though…the extra width comes in handy then. lol!

    Margo Schabel

    Its not OCD.  The bed is “out there” to see.  Just like a messy table or counter. Can’t close the door and hide the mess.  Just have to get to the point and accept the “messy” part.  😉


    Thanks Margo! I’ll try to come to terms with it. :wacko:

    Margo Schabel

    Yep, kinda straighten the sheets and throw the comforter over.  Done. 🙂


    lol, Margo, I like your thinkin’!


    We have individual single duvets.  works well.


    Sue, you are not living FT in an RV.  You camp full time!  woo hoo!!




    Eric..that’s a good idea! Norma, that is certainly one way to approach it! :yahoo:

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