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    We are retiring this year from the Army. Our dream is to full time RV with a 5th wheeler. A new one is not an option for us, since we do not like the current dark wood, leather and geometric pattern styles. We looking for a solid build unit that we can redo to our taste and needs. I know, everybodies opinion is just that an opinion, but we are looking for a starting point. To us the important factors are: storage, an open space design, workable kitchen, durability and insulation (just having seen my in-laws visit us in their 5th wheeler during a cold spell).


    Mike and Lesia

    The best advice I can give is to go to RV shows and dealerships and look them over.

    Storage: look for cargo carrying capacity, this will tell you how much weight you can carry. If the CCC isn’t stated somewhere, take the gross weight and subtract the dry (or empty) weight.You could have loads of space for storage, but if the cargo carry capacity is low, you’ll be overloaded. When we were looking, we wanted 3,000lbs minimum.

    Open space design: Opposing slides sure make a lot of room.

    Durability: Not too sure how to tell this, except I read the “lite” models (half-ton towable) are not best for full timing.

    Insulation: An enclosed belly and 4 season rating are a couple things to look for.


    We got a Keystone Mountaineer 347THT. It seems to be well made. I emailed Keystone and asked if there were any of their lines that were better suited to full time living. If memory serves, they said the Alpines, Mountaineers, and Montana High Countries were recommended.

    I think it would be easier if you looked and then got some models to ask about, than to get recommendations, but that’s my opinion  🙂 .

    Best of luck in your search!

    Stephen C Keller

    Best advise I can give is to look, look and look again. Then do not purchase right away till you take time to go over everything you want and discuss what each you like and hate about each. Do take lots of pictures so you can refer back to them. Even if you are like me, highly doubt that you are, LOL,  draw some pictures of what you want for design. Move the kitchen and living room around and furniture around to see what would work best for you. yes some things can’t be moved but I know in the wife’s case she wanted the love seat and dinette moved and I have to agree it really made a difference. Also you need to look at the slides. We are very happy with the bedroom slide on ours as it did give us more room for the kitchen and living room yet we were able to stay with a 30 footer. Do look on YouTube and see what others have done to remodel theirs after they purchased. For just a little bit of money you can make a used 5er into almost a new one. Sorry for the story book, Congrats on retiring from military. I did my 22 years before pulling the plug and don’t regret it at all.

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