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    Just wondering for those of you that do, what device do you log your mileage for your rig?

    Manually with a log book or an app of some kind?

    My truck has a setting for 2 trip meters, A or B and I switch to B for towing, but I don’t believe it is recording correctly.

    I generally use my GPS when going from one point to another so that is an option but I also use it in truck mode and that I believe gets added in the overall mileage.

    My trailer is going on its fifth year now and we have been up to Illinois 2x. Texas to Oregon 1x. Wyoming to Tennessee 1x and multiple smaller trips to Arizona. I am pretty sure that adds up to more than 11000 miles the trip meter says.

    This year I want to get a good idea of what we are actually logging.

    Your thoughts?  :Thinking:


    Kim, we use an app called Road Trip HD developed by Darren Stone (iOS) for logging most aspects of our two vehicles, the motorhome and the tow car. Trip mileage, fuel, maint. and service along with documenting each location. We are at the mercy of the vehicles’ odometer readings however and so far have no reason to doubt the mileage.

    There may be apps out there that use your smart phone to record distance travelled.



    Well, I’m more concerned with the TRAILER that doesn’t have an odometer.
    I need to know about what mileage is on the tires and the axle hubs for instance.
    Most everything else on the trailer is by calendar.


    Maybe a hubodometer  http://www.rvsolutions.us/


    That might do it!


    Joe Hunnicutt

    I like the Hub-O-Meter idea but back when we bought our rig they weren’t available.

    I’ve written an Excel spread sheet that keeps track of mileage for the 5th wheel as well as logs my lifetime fuel mileage for the truck and notes maintenance and repairs.  If I had it to do over again I’d have bought a hub meter but since I’ve now got more than 45k miles on the 5th wheel I’ll just keep using the spread sheet.

    So are you still down on Plomosa??  Quartsite or Bouse side??  I was down on the Bouse side (mile 14) last week and I’ll undoubtedly be heading back down that way again in a week or so.  I’ve got a house in Havasu but I get real tired of having a retaining wall for a view.


    I guess I could break open a spreadsheet and go back through our trips for mileage.
    Yes, we are currently on the Q side of Plomosa BUT>>>> I scouted some nice spots on the Bouse side that are way prettier IMO. Thinking about relocating. When the ‘Wyoming Gypsies‘ get here I’ll put it to them to see if they agree.  :yes:

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    Joe Hunnicutt

    The spread sheet that I use has served me well and I’d be happy to send it to you if you like.  You could simply adjust it for your own needs, PM me if you’d like.

    After living in Havasu for 35 years prior to moving back to Wyoming I really don’t have much use for Quartsite unless I’m in the area and need parts or something.  My wife and I boondocked once on that side and there were just too many people, that and I’m not impressed with the “type” of people who congregate in Quartsite, ones who shall we say you wouldn’t want to run into in a dark alley sort of.

    The Bouse side has a LOT of variety as far as camping is concerned although if a cell signal is important to you you’ll need to scout around and make sure you’ve got one.  Typically from mile 14 on down to the RV park you can get a signal pretty easily.

    Anyway, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you out with the mileage logging.  I’ve been watching the weather and I’m not impressed with this weekend so I’ll probably hide out in the driveway this week and maybe get down that direction the next week.


    That spreadsheet would be great Joe!

    Boo on the weather.

    Joe Hunnicutt

    I put the spread sheet on my Google Drive and PM’d you the link.  Let me know if you have questions.

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