Lensun solar panel install on 1995 Dodge Roadtrek van

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    Yesterday I completed the solar installation on our 1995 Dodge Roadtrek. I purchased a 100 watt Lensun black solar panel direct from Lensun USA for $249.00 including shipping {nice people to deal with). The panel was mounted to the roof using 1 inch wide 3M VHB tape and seems to be extremely secure. I purchased some 2-inch wide Eternabond tape that I may use along the edges, not sure if it will be necessary.

    Not wanting to put any holes in the fiberglass roof of our van, I decided to go in through the Fantastic fan. There was plenty of room inside the housing to route the wires without interfering with the fan clearance. I used two snug fitting rubber grommets to seal the wiring entry point. I cut off the MC4 connectors in order to fit the wires into housing and connected them to #10 wire inside using heat shrink butt splice connectors with an additional piece of shrink over the connectors just for good measure.

    I was able to route the wires from the fan to above the cabinet with only six inches for the wires left exposed. The #10 wire runs about five feet to the Bogart Engineering SC2030 charge controller and then about two feet of #6 wire from controller to battery. To compliment the SC2030 charge controller I installed a Trimetric TM2030 battery monitor which allows setting up the charging system optimized for the brand and capacity of my battery. Bogart Engineering was extremely helpful in programming the TM2030 by giving me all the parameters I needed.

    Posted by:Dave Lafontaine

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