Leak from AC Area

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    We have a one year old Wildcat Fifth Wheel that has leaked on us a couple of times during the rain with the AC running.  Slow drip.  Doesn’t leak when AC is running and it’s not raining – so I don’t think it’s a drip from the AC unit itself.  I’m wondering if running a strip of Eternabond tape around the AC penetration would be a good place to start?


    Usually, there is a foam mounting gasket sandwiched between the roof and the inside AC vent hole. Maybe it didn’t get installed right or the bolts clamping the AC unit down are loose.

    This guy three videos will give you an idea what it looks like. https://youtu.be/88V3lbZlIuQ



    I could be totally wrong here but I wonder if it isnt condensation somehow causing the drip. I dont know how RV AC units are mounted or sealed but i would investigate condensation before taking things apart very far. I know most, if not all, AC units create condensation especially during humid times (during a rain storm). Perhaps your unit is not removing this properly. It also could be the ducts or vents get super-chilled like the outside of a iced beverage glass. The slow drip seems suspicious to me.


    Just a thought.


    As a follow-up, does it ever drip if the AC isnt running, and hasnt run recently, during a rain storm?

    Stephen C Keller

    Just had a thought, Have you pulled the external cover off and made sure the drain holes are open?


    Thanks for all the suggestions. I’m planning to uncover it this weekend to see what I can find. It’s never leaked when it wasn’t raining which led me in the direction of the rain leak and away from a condensation leak. BUT we’ll see. Thanks again and I will let y’all know what I uncover.

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