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    Bruce & Lori

    So in our RV kitchen we have the usual suspects: Coffee maker (being upgraded to a Keurig or so my DW tells me), toaster, the usual frying pans and pots plus the mandatory BarBQue.  I am thinking of adding a slow cooker for some of our longer trips when barbecuing every night might get a little monotonous.   I was wondering what type a of appliances people bring with them and what are your favourite creations.


    Love my slow cooker. If it is really hot out and I don’t want to have the heat of the oven in the rig, the slow cooker is great. My wife has a small blender type appliance that makes her fruit smoothies in the mornings. It’s a one cup thing so she can use it with our inverter when boondocking, it doesn’t draw very much power.

    I’ve heard other RVers who really like to have a bread maker. That would be pretty cool, I think, unless you can’t handle gluten.   :mrgreen:

    Bruce & Lori

    We will definitely take the slow cooker with us on our Snowbird jaunt to Az this winter.  I love my eggs in the morning but hate cleaning up the frying pan.  DW found a couple of neat gizmos for doing poached eggs and an omelette maker, both for the microwave.  Real quick and cleanup is a breeze.


    Julie Gramoll

    Bruce we do have a Keurig , just the small one but love the flexibility it allows. Also good for hot chocolate on those cool nights by the fire. Another appliance we take with us is a wafflemaker. Did you know you can make nice crispy hashbrowns in it? Yumm!!! Also use a crockpot which is great for putting in oatmeal or a breakfast bake tge night before and wake up to delicious smells and a ready breakfast. Finally, not sure a proper kitchen appliance, but our potsie pie makers for over the fire. So versatile!


    I have a Keurig, but it just seems more trouble than it’s worth…but so far, still using it. (Got it for Christmas!)  I took Andy Baird’s advice and got a teeny breadmaker like his.  It’s better than heating up the oven.  A small crock pot.  Oh, and I have a little salad spinner I couldn’t live without.  🙂

    A mini blender like Anne’s.  (I’m such a copycat!)  So I need some potsie pie makers like Julie’s!!


    What is a breakfast bake?

    Can’t forget probably the most iconic camping appliance, the Coleman gas stove. I’m still using the one that I bought about 35 years ago, it’s great when it’s to hot to cook in the trailer.

    Electric frying pan with cover, great for slow simmering sauces, chili, stroganoff.

    For general frying, we have one of the new frying pans with the white ceramic interior. Nothing sticks to it! Just wipe out with a paper towel, even when cold.

    Julie Gramoll

    Hi Roger, a breakfast back is essentially a breakfast casserole, but with camping it can be made in the crock pot rather than the oven.  A combination of all your usual breakfast ingredients…eggs, bacon or sausage, cheese and hashbrowns.  Variations include veggies to make more of an omelette and others include biscuits.  It cooks overnight on low and is ready to eat when you wake up.

    Here’s a couple recipes:


    The last link has several different breakfast ideas for the slow cooker.

    Bruce & Lori

    DW is into the smoothies as well and we bought a Ninja blender for the house.  It has attachments just right for individual size smoothies so we can benefit from the powerful motor with all the settings but not take up as much storage space.  We have the salad spinner as well but have to say no to the bread maker.  Trying to reduce the waist line.

    Anybody use a smoker.  I’ve never used one but some people use more than the barbeque.  Speaking of Barbeques, what type is best.  We have a Napolean TravelQ which is nice and compact but only good for burgers and dogs.  Would like something with rotisserie or dual burners that I can do indirect cooking.

    Bruce & Lori

    Thanks Julie.  I’ve bookmarked them to my Recipe directory and will give them a try.  Isn’t this internet thing wonderfull.  Who buys cookbooks anymore.  DW has drawers full of her “favourite” cookbooks which seldom see the light of day.


    We have a slow cooker (Yes, thanks for those slow cooker breakfast recipes, sounds great!)
    We have An RVQ which attaches to the RV and you “plug in” to the propane, we love it!
    We also have a small 2 cup electric coffee maker and our Melita which is not electric.
    We have a small toaster.
    I really don’t know what we’re gonna need for full time lifestyle.


    Sorry, I am not going to point out only one. I think I can live without them in my RV life. Must-have kitchen appliances should be breakfast center, Microwave, portable Ice maker, coffee machine, Cooler / Warmer, portable dishwasher. What do you think?

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    Cannot live without our Instant Pot, use it at least twice a day.  For coffee we love our French Press and have the option of heating the water on the stove if boondocking or with our electric kettle.  We also have a single induction unit that has proven quite handy.

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