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    the table that came with our RV broke the first time it was used as part of the bed and the  replacement would have done the same . We dumped it and made our own  version



    I had some insulation left and made these “darkout”  covers for the vents. late on I ended up taping them together to make 1 big/thick one.


    I can’t zoom in on the picture but it looks like a very nice job on the table.  Nice idea on the vent covers.


    Thanks, its really just a plain pine board with some stain  on it… it does the job.. I also made a small round version if the wife and I just sit  and eat and dont need much room. most of the time we just have the dinette set up as a dog bed for them to travel on.


    This is another thing we changed.. we took this useless corner chair out and put a small/cheap dresser there…much better use of the space

    I just screwed the dresser to a board and bolted the board to the old mounts the chair had… we try not to make (m)any holes and keep all we take out in a save spot so the next buyer can decide  what to do  with it


    we bought some curtains with some sort of thermal coating and “darkening” ability  to help with the draft coming from the windows in the bed area.

    Temps went down do 43 F last weekend and I have to say it was def alot warmer and less drafty than before. Now we have to do the same for  the other windows and maybe even the door area


    Thanks to Alan ( @amcmahen )

    I got the  factory panel off the fridge and installed a magnetic one. The lower section had to be ordered but I should have it install next weekend.


    Nice mods to your rv . Here is one I did to change a regular 120v ac light socket to a 12v dc led bulb socket to use in a table lamp . Soldered leads to the socket ,then to the bulb then loaded the socket with silicon and pushed the bulb in; Then wired one 120v ac receptacle for 12v dc . Made more brownie points …


    Good idea… in our current rig we only have 12 V lights which I replaced with LEDs 2 weeks after we got it… didn’t cost me more than maybe $40 to replace them

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