Inverter: What are you using and why do you like or dislike it?

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    Looking to buy a 1500 to 2000 watt inverter (pure signe). Suggestions or short reviews.

    Paul Boyle

    I have the new Harbor Freight 3500 watt inverter generator $649 (on sale)much improved quality with push button start. They have a smaller version 2000 watt inverter generator $499 I believe. They compare quite well to the Honda 3000 ($1995) and 2000 ($999). Reviews on Youtube. No problem running 15000 BTU AC with 3500 inverter generator.



    Thanks Paul, I also buy HF on occasion and some items seem to be a good value. At this time i’m am looking into a inverter to turn my 12 volt batteries 4 6 volt to 120 volt. Thanks John.


    In my last camper we installed a GoPower 2000, like this one :

    I had no problem with it and it didn’t shut down when I overloaded it by mistake.  :Whew:

    I hope that helps.

    Stephen C Keller

    This is the one I installed because it also has a pass through for 120 when camper hooked up to the pedastol. That way if i don’t shut off the inverter it will not cause problems and blow the circuit.

    Tim devery

    Magnum MS-2012, with remote.

    100w charge. Pure signwave for electronics. I can turn off inverter or charge function from inside the trailer.


    I installed a Xantrex PROwatt 2000 true sine wave inverter. Rated at 1800 watts continuous. I had it running almost continuously for about three months last summer and one month this summer. It draws about 600 ma at idle. We ran a lot of stuff off of it with no issues at all. In fact, almost all cooking was done with an induction cooktop instead of the propane stove as it didn’t heat up the rig as much. I also liked the remote on/off capability. I also installed their automatic transfer switch and a small subpanel moving two of the circuits from the main fuse box. Basically, the outlets on both sides of the trailer. This does include the refrigerator so I need to remember to manually switch to propane. Otherwise, the refrigerator burns through the batteries pretty fast. If I were to do it again, I’d look into the hybrid inverters…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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