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    Thinking of towing a fifth wheel with a new half ton truck? May want to check out this article. When you run all the numbers it looks like most can’t handle a very heavy fifth wheel.

    Typical dealer’s formula

    When towing capacity is calculated with the standard method that has been used for years, most dealers may tell you that the truck could tow 11,448 pounds (GCWR – GVW – the driver @150 lbs. = Towing Capacity). The potential PW @20% for a fifth wheel weighing 11,448 pounds would be 2,290 pounds. Add the potential PW to the scaled rear axle weight (2,780), then your rear GAW adds up to 5,070 pounds.

    Here is the problem with the typical formula.

    (rear GAW) 5,070 + (front GAW) 3,010 = 8,080 pounds GVW. That exceeds the GVWR by 880 pounds. Additionally, the rear axle weight rating is exceeded by 770 pounds. This is one small reason towing guides and the standard formula gets buyers into a mismatched RV combinations that exceed the tow vehicle’s certification ratings.

    The towing capacity you where told by the dealer is for conventional towing only. Chevrolet excludes ratings for the 1500 towing fifth wheel trailers. This information should be found in the owner’s manual.

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