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    We always use this induction plate while camping you basically can eliminate the gas stove top, (which my wife is not a fan of) it is incredible for camping, bought it about 3 years ago @ Costco approx. $80.

    It has two settings, 1-temp, 2 -watts output. They are so efficient that (200-1300 watts) I can cook off of my 1000 watt inverter. They heat up super-fast, I would say more efficient than gas.


    We use one a lot as well. In hot weather, it doesn’t heat up the rig as much as the propane cooktop. During our 3 month road trip, we used the propane stove maybe 10 times and that was only because we were already in the Yukon and Alaska. The additional warmth was welcome. We also ran it off of our batteries through the inverter most of the time. I would consider getting rid of the stove but, like most other things, it’s nice to have a backup.


    We hardly ever use our stove just out hot plate. well worth the money.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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