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    Jim & Loni

    Loni, my wife, and I travel throughout the US and I work on the road. I Work with athletes as well as everyone else that is a couch potato. When working with athletes I help them improve their performance through applied sports psychology. That’s a fancy way to say that I help them get a better mindset, work through slumps and basically help them get their groove back.

    Other folks I can help smokers become non-smokers, and people overcome fears that may have plagued them for years. Neat stuff working with people helping them make changes in their lives.

    My new book should be available about June 5th or so. Title: ” Unleashing Your Powerful Mind with Hypnosis.”

    All my coaching and hypnosis is done over the phone so you can be where you are and I can be where I am.

    Sometimes a golf course will have me come in and do a golf clinic for their members and guests. Sometimes a company will have me come in and do a workshop on “Making Yourself Bullet-Proof to Sales Rejection.” :yahoo:

    If you have questions about what I do or any subject that you have questions about that have to do with beliefs, behaviors, habits, addictions, or improving what you do call me at 559-285-0784 and lets chat. or my new site that is in the works

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