I'm going camping!

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    I pinned that on Pinterest – LOVE IT! – Nancy

    Gail Joyner

    Great message to let folks know just how happy you are to be camping instead of driving to work or where ever.  This is going on my RV wish list.


    No need to be in a rush like when going to work, slow and steady gets you to the campground.


    Amen, brother! We always say “Slow down and let the crazies go!” – Nancy 😉


    Will tell you a quick story about a crazy driver on  I-95.  Two years ago I was towing my 16ft tracker boat to Santee Cooper SP.  I was driving 65 to 70 didn’t want to be too slow on that crazy road. No one in rear view next minute a guy must of been doing 100mph to come up that fast, gets 1 inch off my bumper ,im in right lane .I still don’t know how he didn’t rear end us. Then he passes ,I watch him accelerate again smoking his tires cutting in and out of traffic swerving. I said to wife were going to see him wrecked down the road. Started seeing car parts a couple miles later,there he was under a tractor trailer on an exit. His passenger side was crushed he was trying to escape ,but other drivers that he clipped had him pinned in vehicle. He was a maniac on the road ,he was on drugs or trying commit suicide. Hope I never am near that kind of nut on the road again,be careful out there.


    Wow Larry,

    Having spent time driving I95 from Maine to Florida I can sympathize!  Once watched a truck tire explode on 95 in South Carolina.  Backed off a few thousand feet and still felt the concussion from the blast!



    Brings back memory ,was on a bus once when tractor trailer tire blew ,the recap slapped the side of the bus ,loud and scary,sounded like dynamite .


    OK, Yes,  I have  O – C – D.   obsessive camping disorder but how many others do as well Do you???


    Yes oh yes!!  We both have a terminal case of O-C-D and hear there’s no cure except to get in our RV and go!!!!! :yahoo:


    O – C -D  or O -B – S ??? Or a combo of both??


    We are off on a weekend trip up in the foothills outside Charlottesville, Va. We traveled about 200 miles yesterday evening. We didn’t leave till wife got home. Normally I can’t drive 55 as Sammy would say. Yesterday I thought I’d take to advise of my fellow camping comrades. Came up I-95 from home at Rocky Mount, N.C. to Richmond, Va. and west on I-64. Only having a 25 gal fuel cell I needed to stop and fill-er-up just outside Charlottesville. I set cruise at 60 but sam usually runs a mile or two over what I set him at. When I checked fuel mileage  I averaged 13. I like to fell out. How much difference there is from running 65 plus to our 60 plus speed.  Point being  what I read here I felt in better control at 60 and watched people barrel by us like mad men. I now know better, slow the hell down dummy. Thanks yall.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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