I got two new 6v batteries

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    Hey guys… I have a 1992 JayCo Designer Rv
    Connected all properly.
    On shore power all power plugs work. My fridge, one 12v, one florescent light and slide out control not working in the kitchen. All other 12v lights work. All 110 plugs are working. Checked all fuses and breakers, they are good. Checked power converter, the two fuses there are good. Am not sure how to test the power converter out put. I have 12v coming in to it. How do I check to see if it has the correct out put
    On Batteries. Only 12v lights work as they should.
    Any help greatly appreciated.
    Eddie & Aileen

    Hi Dean, sounds like you may have a bad/broken wire on that 12-volt run. Or you may have a bad ground connection for that equipment and lights.

    You can use an volt meter to check for voltage at your battery and work back to the problem loads, Good Luck.

    Happy Trails!!! :good:


    What about a GFI trip?



    OK. Found the problem. The wires were reversed from the batteries to the converter. I turned them around and everything is working great.

    Thanks for the replys

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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