Hummingbird Feeder for the RV

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    If you travel in areas with hummingbirds this can be a lot of fun. Easy to put up and just need sugar and water.  –


    This is a real nice idea! Nancy and I love watching the little Hummingbirds! We had a feeder on our kitchen window for a few years and it died last fall. We need to get a new one, one that will travel with us!
    Bob :good:


    Good idea Ray,we have taken bird feeders to new states to attract and view local birds.When we were at Santee Cooper State Park,there was a mocking bird that would sing his heart out in the same tree by park store every day before dark. It was like he was putting on a show,wife taped him on her phone,but dropped it a month later cracking it.When she changed phones the serenade was gone ,she forgot to transfer it I guess. But we still say next time were in area we are going there to see if the show is still on I hope so.

    Gail Joyner

    Love birds, so this item is going to the top of my RV wish list.


    We just got a new one we can put on the kitchen window with suction cups. But I’m afraid we missed the birds


    We have Hummingbirds!!!! :dance: :yahoo:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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