How to buy an RV

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    Jim & Loni

    We are in the middle of writing a book for beginning RVers or for those who want to go full time.


    This book was written after we had helped several friends do a walk-through on the good and bad in Motorhome design. We believe that it is true that the designers have never travelled, stayed one night, or travelled in a Motorhome, Fifth-wheel, or Travel Trailer.

    Most of the designs seem to be patterned after the luxury homes you might find in House Beautiful Magazine or any other publication showcasing gorgeous homes.

    :yahoo: It is our intent to give you the insight to see through the glitz and glamour and get down to the basics you ought to consider when looking at your potential purchase. We will give you a list of good, manageable, and deal breakers. Of course, you will change, delete, and add your own deal breakers, negotiable items, and stuff you really want. You take this list with you and let it help you make decisions.

    We will also give you some considerations regarding the mechanics of an RV, although our involvement is minimal and really left to the professionals in that arena.”

    Will be available by Christmas gift giving and if you preorder and pay now we will reduce your cost from $19.97 plus shipping to $10 plus shipping (from Amazon).

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