How often do you start your C?

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    When you’re fulltiming at a site or parked in the drive…how often do you start and for how long do you run your motorhome?  Do the batteries go dead from just sitting there or is there a ghostly draw on the power I don’t know about…?

    (not saying how I know about this, tho)


    If you are boon docking this won’t work but there are very good mini trickle chargers out there to keep the battery live.  I’ve seen one that uses a solar panel ($$$) so that could work as well.  Any engine should be run on a weekly basis to keep everything lubricated.  Ever rebuilt a seized motor – not cheap!


    oooo…solar!  I’m gonna go research that right now!!

    Didn’t think about the seizing problem…yikes!  I promise I’ll do better…

    Thanks for the info.  That really helps.


    Ok, here I go!


    Perfect for me because I have 2 chassis batteries!  Thanks for the idea!!  Check it out here.

    I promise I will start him up at least once a week for anti-seizing, tho…lol


    Norma, We have a battery shut off switch. When we are not using our Lilly (RV) we shut off the batter so it doesn’t drain. But during the winter storage time we do run her at least once a month to keep everything working!


    hmmm…there’s thought…I wonder if I have one…  I’ll look!  Thanks for the info!!


    Norma, It’s important to run the engine at least monthly. But just as important is to let it run long enough to heat the oil to proper operating temp. (see temp. gauge). This burns off any condensation & out gunky stuff from the oil. Also , apply the E brake and step on the regular brake at the same time. Run through the gears to lube the transmission also. Don’t rev the engine or let the RV move . Hold each gear (D,R,N,1,2,3) about 4 seconds each.

    Hope this helps


    Wow, great info!  Thanks so much!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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