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    Thanks Paul ,good info looking forward to day when we can do these hobbys and not let work get in the way.


    <h3 class=”r”>Utah Rockhounding 3.0.kmz  on Google Very Good for minerals and fossils in Utah</h3>


    Its amazing after tumbling a rough agate,and polishing it how it turns out,would like to dig my own.


    Nice to hear that you have found a new hobby and joined a new line of employment and with winter upon us again you should be plenty busy.


    Hello Norma, it has been too long. How are you doing? Love the hobby list. Somehow my knitting machine got left behind, a bit sad about that. I will have to find another one.


    What is a good tumbler? I don’t know anything about the Larry.


    Rock Tumbler.com if I remember is where we bought it. The jewelry has turned out as good as what they sell at beach glass festivals. We have the round one ,holds about a quart of material.

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    Thanks Larry   :)  !


    I’m not out there, yet, but one for me will still be making music, recording music, mixing, mastering and selling online. other things will be listening to shortwave and other kinds of radio, bird watching and photography. But as much as anything, I think my first year on the road, a lot of time will be spent sleeping. And working on my Walter White schtick. :D :D :D


    Rum and Coke and a campfire. :-)
    Rum and Ginger and a campfire. :-)
    Beer and a campfire. :-)
    Careful, getting dangerously close to a food topic!

    For me, it’s cannabis and a campfire. Gets me sleepy.


    Let’s see…

    Playing guitar and songwriting. Busking for tips in the campground.

    Astronomy. We’re going to the VLA, maybe Jodie Foster will be there. I have a decent 90mm Maksutov-Cassegrain scope with a computerized mount. Still learning about it. .

    Trout fishing. LOTS of great trout water in the west.

    Cooking. Crawfish etouffee, anyone?


    Campfire cooking, exploring the areas we travel to, Goodwill Hunting, my wife’s favorite. Biking Rails to Trails if in the area. Just enjoying being out and getting ready for the day when it’s full time.


Viewing 12 posts - 46 through 57 (of 57 total)

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