Hobbies While Camping

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    Gail Joyner

    The last long trip we took was from Highland Illinois to Austin Texas.  (That’s a long trip for us, my husband doesn’t like to drive across town to Wal Mart).  However we took our time to enjoy the sites along the way.  Since I did not drive the Motor Home, I could spend time crafting.  I never leave home without my crochet, knitting, needlework and paper crafting supplies.  (I don’t watch TV or read much).  We decided to stop at only KOA campgrounds down and back.  each place we stayed was heavily wooded.  I noticed many different types of birds and butterflies than I was use to seeing in Illinois.  I was never serious about bird watching before this trip, but now I look forward to finding new birds whenever we go somewhere.  Because of this new interest, I have joined the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and their “Project FeederWatch”.  From November to April you look for the birds in a certain area, like your backyard, or any place where you can watch birds everyday at the same time.  You count the number and type of bird and log it on a chart.  After the season is over you mail it to the lab.  This data helps track birds and studies how the environment effects their migrating habits.  This winter we will be watching birds along the Gulf Coast of Alabama.  I didn’t know I could be a scientist!


    I do the knitting thing, with vintage machines.  I also have an antique sock machine that I make socks on.  Too fun!


    Then there’s:

    • crocheting
    • reading
    • hiking
    • making jewelry
    • metal working
    • painting
    • remodeling Lurch
    • movies
    • biking
    • exploring
    • history
    • fishing
    • baking
    • sewing
    • leather working
    • making Halloween props
    • computer programming

    Good heavens, there’s just so much fun to be had!!!


    You are definitely not a boring person! -Nancy 😆


    I dunno about me being boring, but I’m never bored!!  :yahoo:


    Great grandma use to say “Only boring people are bored” -Nancy :yes:


    Missed a few!
    We carry a microscope, a stereoscope, assorted hand magnifiers, petri dishes, and assorted lab supplies. The small world is at least as interesting as the large.

    Never said I was normal!


    Always wanted to learn scuba, but it wasn’t ever high enough a priority, I suppose.  And Roger, we’re old enough now to be eccentric.  Which was my main goal since childhood anyway!!   :mrgreen:   :wacko:


    Some days I think I’m exploring the far side of eccentric…………..


    I tried SNUBA, similar to scuba but with a hose instead of tanks. I didn’t care for it, to noisy, drowned out the whale song and disturbed the fish.

    My idea of a good time is mask, snorkel, fins, rash guard so my back doesn’t burn, light swim cap, (gotta protect the bald spot) and my GoPro on a homemade dive sled so the camera can get close to wildlife that bites or stings, without getting to personally involved. We usually stay in for hours at a time.

    Marsha & Dewey

    Sounds like a great trip. I like bird watching, too. Looking forward to doing more of that here very soon.

    Marsha & Dewey

    Wow! The sock thing sounds fun.

    Marsha & Dewey

    Nice! I like kites, i think it’s a benefit from childhood. Did you make the you tube video? Love it.

    Eddie & Aileen

    Well our favorite hobbie is not on here but only can do when we are camping with horses and that is horse back riding,   we take her up to ride at a the stables  but only onece and a while, but reading , walking, playing with the kid, fishing, she likes to fish and all sorts of outside things,  lots more when we are in WY for the summer.  No garden this year but can get back and ready for the next year,.  Everyone has so many things they do., lot sof interesting things out there, even cooking, oops a Norma opening.  Love it.  Aileen


    The kite video is mine. I have a YouTube channel, mostly Snorkeling videos from Hawaii and Maui, I haven’t had time to work on all the material we shot in Mexico last winter. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks!


    Norma, any pictures of the vintage knitting machines?
    The metal working sounds interesting, what do you make?

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