Highway overpass heights

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    Corbin & Erin

    We’re new to RVing and will eventually be old hats like the rest of you, but for now, we’re still figuring it out.  I have a question about overpass heights.  We know the height on our truck/5th wheel, but gotta say when we unexpectedly found ourselves staring at a bridge height of “13′ 9”, we were a little nervous about going forward (it was on a highway in AZ heading to CA) — I was crazy nervous the entire time our rig passed under it.  My question is — is there a place/map that states where you’ll run into these bridge overpasses?  We agree that our lives (for now) will be better served where the “big trucks” go, but as we get more comfortable we’d like to travel the back roads without having to worry about some low level overpasses.

    PS – I get we need to know the height.  I do, I get it, but what happens when it’s like within a couple of inches and you think OMG! (or worse)….ok we back up, but would rather not get ourselves in that situation.    Thanks for your kind words and understanding of this newbie.  😀


    I use an app called Allstays Camp and RV,  it is packed with info and one thing is low clearances.


    I believe there are some other apps available as well some GPS units have the info built in especially if they have RV routing

    BTW, welcome to RV Happy Hour!

    Cheers Ray

    Dan Huhn

    You can buy a truck atlas they have all the low bridges marked in it. I’m sure there may be an app you can download that may have the low overpasses in it. I hope this helps you out   Dan

    Corbin & Erin

    Thanks for your help.  We do have a truck atlas, but didn’t know about the app.  We’ll give that a try.  Thanks again —


    I use the GPS Rand McNally7720 which allows you to plug in your information on your vehicle and it then tries to stay clear of any of your parameters you have put into it.

    Paul & Robin

    As our 5th wheel height is 13’5″, we invested in a Garmin RV760LM gps which stores our profile.   We’ve tested it without actually towing the rig and it does seem to work, even on minor roadways.    We also use the Allstays.com site (drivers/lowclearances) for new trips and also use google earth to look at various parts of our planned trip (roads leading to a campground from the highway exit, etc.)   Everything has caveats that the info is only as good as what has been reported.   We stick to major roads just to reduce risk, but RVing is supposed to be exciting, isn’t it?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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