Has anybody had problems with mosquitos

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    I was looking at another blog  :Not-Talking: and she noted there were a lot of mosquitoes at the Imperial Dam LTVA. Has anybody had problems with mosquitoes while boon docking in the southwest :negative:


    No, no problems here, but can’t say I’ve ever camped at the Imperial Dam LTVA.


    Well you have camped at a lot of places in the southwest so I am beginning to think they must have been unlucky enough to find one of the few spots where mosquitoes are a problem.  :good:


    We are sitting on the river in Blythe Ca. with no problems, :good:  then again there is no standing waters close to us. You shouldn’t have any this time of the year, guess you’r lucky 😥

    Slim Lundeen

    As was mentioned standing water is a big draw for mosquitoes. I hear that if you put some sage in your fire it will keep them away. If you were at a park with FHU I would say use a stand up oscillating fan like the RV Geeks do to chase them away. Slim


    I was just looking at a drone shot of their site at Imperial dam and there is standing water close by. There is lots of room so when I head down next winter I won’t be picking a spot close to any standing water.  :yahoo:


    Hunting Beach S.P. near paris island bad mosquitos, different part of states.

    Sherri Rabren

    Hey there. I grew up in the desert and traveled the South West when I had horses. The only time there was ever a problem was when the were large amounts of rain. The fresh vegetation and standing water brought them out. Even on there river, the run off from up North has a tendency to wash larva and smelters clinging for dear life to what ever they can grab a hold of. Some are lucky enough to survive to pester the heck out of people and find great breeding grounds. If there is a lot of unseasonal humidity they will be around.

    If you don’t like the chemicals in bug sprays, use a few drops of lavender or rosemary essential oil in a small to medium spray bottle and spritz your self and your stuff. Lavender is safe for dogs.
    We have had great success with oils. You can find all sorts of information for recipes on Pinterest or just Google search it. NOW have reasonable oils that are pure grade. Just Google search NOW Essential oils.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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