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    We use a product called Fresh Cab from  It has a pleasant smell IMO that rodents hate so they leave. I tried a similar product on our Alaska trip last summer when I was unable to find a Fresh Cab dealer. It only worked for a month and was 3 times the price. Fresh Cab works!

    Just came across this story that explains how Fresh Cab came into existence.  Very interesting.


    Interesting story, thanks for the tip. I should pick some up, can you get it in Canada?


    If you go on their site there is a Canadian Flag then find a retailer button. Unfortunately there is only one retailer in BC shown. You can order it online though.



    Thanks, looks like there are some stores along the Oregon coast (no tax) 🙂 that stock it, I will have to remember to grab some.


    We do the same Ray. Most of our shopping and servicing is done in Oregon when heading south for the winter then again when we head north for the summer.


    Maybe time for an update with the topic. I have used just good old Irish Spring, original soap bars. We stuff them under the cabinets and in the storage areas. Haven’t had a mouse one. They last a year then you will need to replace them but they are cheap at Costco.


    We have been using the Irish Spring this winter as well. No mice at all! We have 2 traps baited and ready for a breech but so far no sign of the vermin!!   :good:


    …and so cheap a fix!  Glad to know it’s working for you guys!


    Our neighbor has mice in his attic, so we know they are around. We are sooo pleased with the Irish Spring! We had 3 died mice early winter and I hated seeing them in the traps!  😥  – Nancy


    As a fan of Fresh Cab I thought I would give Irish Spring a try so after setting up at our work camping site a few weeks ago I cut a bunch of soap cakes into fours and placed them all around the frame and storage areas where I felt mice had access. (Personally I can’t stand the smell of this stuff!) Surprisingly I kept finding some of the pieces of soap on the ground and figured it was probably one of the many chipmunks in our area.

    Well yesterday Dianne found mouse poop and a partially eaten Yam in our bottom kitchen drawer and chewed toilet paper in the bathroom cupboard.

    I set a trap in the drawer and we went out for dinner and on our return…success! Mickey had had his last Yam. 🙂

    Today I searched hi and low to see how they were getting in. Every access point I could find that I had previously plugged with steel wool was fine…so I placed more Irish Spring in those areas…boy does the rig ever stink now 🙁

    Time to order some Fresh Cab!



    Irish Spring MYTH BUSTED!!!

    I was up in the we hours twice this morning chasing another mouse around that had his hind quarters caught in a trap. Found him stuck trying to get through a small hole that I didn’t know about under our kitchen counter. This is where I placed some Irish Spring yesterday! :-/


    Another MYTH BUSTED!!! Circling your rig with rope lights doesn’t work either. So far I’ve caught 3 mice in 5 nights of using the lights. In desperation while waiting for my Fresh Cab order to arrive thought I would give the lights a try. 🙁

    Eddie & Aileen

    We can get “Fresh Cab” at TSC ( Tractor Supply Company).  I use it in our old 92 chevy, & our old 91 terry resort TT when we are not using it. It smells ok but for sure “STOUT” if in a enclosed space. I think thay say not use while occupying the space?!? We also use “Tom Cat” Bar bait for mice, also get it at TSC. A hand full of snap traps outside of the rig around the jacks ect. helps out before thay get in.

    Happy Trails!!!


    Man, those are some hard core mice!  😮 


    Ha Ha Ray! Stop making them look so cute. 😫

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