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    A Garmin RV GPS has been on the old RVing wishlist for a few years now, but with a price tag in the $400 range, I held off. We instead did our main navigation on our iPad. I would scout out our route options beforehand and load a course into Google maps.

    Using the iPad worked OK, but I always yearned for a dedicated GPS navigator. Something that would be easier for me the driver to see and could be used without internet connectivity. So I was thrilled when my wife Anne surprised me last Christmas with the Garmin RV 760LMT!

    Review Blog Post –

    Jim Streeter

    We use Google maps for navigating but sometimes google gets it wrong.  Check online the directions to your RV park before you get there.  We were sent down a small residential street in Eureka California and ran into a dead in.  Tried to turn around and all I did was bend the cowling on the bottom of the trailer.  A man appeared and helped me back up to miss a mail box and said that we were not the first to get stuck on the street.  Went to a nice man and was able ( with his help) to make a Y turn with the trailer and get back to where we wanted to go. Jim



    I was reading your review on the Garmin and something stuck out I’d like to point out that might be helpful:

    You mentioned that one of the nice features of the Garmin was that it let you know what lane to be in to get on or off a particular exit of the highway.  Now, someone may have mentioned it here or on your Youtube Channel (so forgive me if I am repeating what someone else might have said), but you can know what lane you need to be in by looking at the highway signs.  If the exit sign is on the left side of the information sign, the exit will be on the left.  Same for the right side (I attached an illustration for reference).

    Again, I apologize for repeating if someone mentioned it previously, but I thought I would bring it up just in case there are folks here that didn’t know.


    Thanks, good tip Donny.

    Sometimes though the signs are too close to the exit and there isn’t enough time to cross heavy speeding freeway traffic with a much slower RV. By the time I see the sign its too late unless I risk barreling across jammed lanes. People just don’t let us in.

    I find the RV GPS gives more advanced warning than the signs. Its usually telling me a good mile or more before the exit, I also often use sat images to precheck for city routes.


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