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    Howdy folks.  I’ve got an issue I just can’t seem to figure out, so I thought I might ask the experts for some suggestions so here goes:

    My 2018 KZ 311TH10 came “pre-wired” for a furrion backup camera/observation camera.  I attempted to install the observation camera this weekend, but to my shagrin, the camera has no power.  The power cord to the monitor of the system came with a connector for the camera so that it could be paired and checked for operation.  That works 100%.  Camera works as it should.  However, when I put it back into the mount on the trailer, I get nothing.  So I started troubleshooting:

    When my trailer is plugged into the truck through the 7-way, I have everything working.  Running lights, blinkers, turn signals, etc.  I used a continuity tester and determined that the + prong in the 7 way is hot and works.  For shits and grins, I even put the truck in reverse in case KZ wired the prep to the reverse lights and that proved futile.

    Then, I took the cover off of my J Box under my kingpin box.  There is a yellow wire that comes from the pigtail and is capped off before heading into the trailer.  I attempted to find a wiring schematic for my specific unit online, but could not find that either.

    Has anyone else run into any problem like this and do any of you have any suggestions?


    What I am going to suggest is rather “out there” but if it was me I would run a long wire from the Yellow Wire around from the back for testing purposes and use a Ohm Meter and see if I could find a wire  that matched up to the yellow. Then you would know if that wire is supposed to be hooked up for the camera to work. another way would be to hook the wire up to 12 volts and then see if then you can find a power source at the camera plug. As far as a schematic for the wiring would be tough to find unless the dealers repair department has the answer if you asked.

    If you can not find a power wire then maybe you could run one from a power source like the camper battery to run the camera.


    I don’t know if this manual (PDF) will be of any help or not but is from Furrion.  https://www.furrion.com/store/attachment/download/074b6fa4633ea4862afe9d7c1cb33492



    Well, I took a continuity tester to the 7-way plug of the truck.  Everything is good to go, so I guess I can rule out the truck.  I also pulled the camera housing off of the trailer to get a look at the pigtail to ensure it connected.  It is spliced into some wires (I gave them a small tug to ensure they were seated), but where the wires go is a mystery.  The only thing near the camera mount is the running lights and a floodlight that can be turned on from the garage.  I tried the garage light initially in my troubleshooting process, so I know that isn’t it.  When I turn my running lights on, I have power in the running lights, so, theoretically, I dhould have power to the camera.  I’m guessing the next place to check would be to take the splice apart and ensure that the connection of the pigtail to the wires is solid.

    Since I am not even close to an electrician, is there a way I can test the splice connection with the running lights on to see if that will fix it?  I’m telling ya, this thing has ne buggered good.

    Any and all suggestions are welcome!


    Did you check to see if the camera has power while in reverse? Maybe they wired the power to the back up lights. Just a thought.



    I did. That was one of my first thoughts as well.



    Makes me wonder if they did get it wired to power. Will take testing to make sure there is power to the camera or there is something wrong with the camera.


    You should have a red and Black wire for the camera. The Red should read 12 to 24 volts. Most likely 12 volts which should be the most common. But it would not work if the black wire is not grounded so maybe that could be a problem. With a volt meter and test light you should be able to diagnose the cable connection. Sorry, wish I was a  lot closer as we together could get it fixed if wiring issue.

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    That’s what I am thinking.  Either the splice is bad or the wire isn’t grounded.  I know the camera works.  On the 12v cigarette plug, it has a jack to plug in the camera for checking operation and wireless pairing.  I blew the fuse testing it, but prior to that, it worked fine, so I know it’s not the camera.  When I got into town I will have to match the fuse up and buy a few.

    I have a Fluke 115, I just need to get the alligator clip leads for it.  I’m thinking if I clamp onto the red and black wires on the pigtail and get nothing, then I know I can take the splice apart and re-splice and see if that works.

    That HAS to be it.  Other than the running lights, there really isn’t any other reason for wires to be run at the very top and back of the rig.

    Thanks Stephen, I appreciate the feedback.  Like I’ve said before, I’m a total noob at this and I am kinda of learning as I am going, so ANY feedback helps a ton!



    I went at it again this morning trying to figure this camera out.  Using my trusty Fluke 115, I got 10.94 volts coming out of the splice that links the camera to the parking running lights.  Upon undoing the splice I learned that they used the wrong quick splices.  I took them apart, cut the wires, and used butt connectors and shrink wrap to seal her up.  Much better connection and the camera works like a champ! *SUCCESS*

    @raytronx  a special thank you to you Sir.  I saw that 5amp mini fuse in the 7-way connector in one of your videos and I used the trick to send power to the camera rather than warming up the diesel on this 30 degree day.

    Even though this whole thing cost me a little money in some materials/tools and a lot of frustration, I would be lying if I said I didn’t learn something from it.

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    Glad you got it figured out Donny. Had a hunch that someone didn’t attach the wire loom correctly. Believe it or not that is more common than one would believe.

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