Furnace Wont Turn On – Thermostat?

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    Hey wrench monkeys….

    Its been really cold and haven’t had much use for the furnace mainly using our Wave8 but needed to get the floors warmed up and tried to get the furnace to come on. All I hear is a faint click and nothing. Ive checked the fuses and all are good there.

    I have also turned the thermo off which also produces a faint click from the furnace, then cycle back to the heat and a few times it will activate. But nothing last night when we needed most.

    Any ideas?


    Our recent trip up North, we had experience with the blower running, but flame wouldn’t lite for more than few seconds..  Turns out the regulator was frozen.  We stuck 100  watt light bulb, next to it, and were able to get furnace running.


    Thanks John, but I’m not getting anything from the blower. Ive checked the blow-holes for critters as well.
    I’m going to try another fuse and see if that gets some action.


    We have had the same problem we pull the fuse for five min. To let the capiters discharge then it worked


    I assume you checked to make sure you have propane so if the furnace hasn’t been used for some time the orifice in the burner tube may be plugged. Make sure the burner tube is clear of debris. Remove and check to see if you can see through the orifice. If not clean with a pin but DO NOT enlarge the hole. Check for sparking from the ignitor. Another common problem is a poor ground from rust and corrosion so make sure all connections on the electronic board and gas valve are clean and tight. Check to make sure you have voltage to the gas valve. If not your board may be shot. If you do then the solenoid coil on your valve may be defective. If your not comfortable doing any of this then I would have a tech troubleshoot your problem.

    Good luck!


    Just an update…. it turned out to be a faulty circuit board.
    Had a mobile mechanic pull the furnace and change out the board. Cost me $300.

    The chambers had a bit of surface rust on them so it probably was moisture that got the better of the board.

    We were in humid areas this past summer. Guess we should run the furnace sometimes.

    Anyway, all ok now.



    Thanks for the update. I remember  a friend of mine was going to buy an ELECTRIC forklift to use in a Florida warehouse and the supplier told him there would be no warranty because of the humidity problems. He bought a Propane model instead. :bye:

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