Fun RV Tip Get Yourself a Flag!

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    Last winter we explored the American South West and spent a good deal of time boondocking (dry camping without hookups) out in the desert. One cool thing I noticed was how many folks had a flag pole on the rig and were flying all kinds of various flags. I think it may have started with the ATV and dune buggy crowds as you need a flag on your buggy or ATV to be seen in the hilly dunes. I guess it was a natural to also fly one or more on the RV. Or maybe it’s because the desert can seem so vast you feel like a ship at sea. A land yacht if you will.


    I LOVE that flagpole, Ray!  The ones I’ve looked at were around $160 US…so no pole for me, yet!  I love how small that one breaks down.  In a C, every inch counts!!  🙂


    very awesome indeed! A true must have!!!! :good:


    Nice and quick to  place up,


    We bought a happy face flag while we were in Ontario. (3×5) Could not get a Canadian flag in that size as they are not made that small…as per a flag manufacturer … Now we need a flag pole … Ray I like your Jimmy Buffet flag so if you don’t mind if a find one I’m going to get one…-:)


    Ya, sure Bob, its a cool flag, nice and colorful.  :good:


    😀  😀  😀  :bye: It will match my 2  tee shirt that I bought  a few years ago in the US.


    It will match my 2  tee shirt that I bought  a few years ago in the US.

    Carol Holmes

    I think this is a great idea and will help the grandkids spot our RV if we ever take them on the road. I found this great site that sells both flags and telescoping poles. Prices are very reasonable — less than Camping World. Flags include Canada, USA, all the states, plus all kinds of others.

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    we got this flagpole for under $50 and so far it worked great. I made a mount for it out of some old PVC tube and zip-tie it at the top of the ladder for additional  support..

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