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    At 57 I cannot retire yet but my wife has it in her head of full timing someday, I still want to keep a house as a back up. I know it would mean trading our travel trailer for a 5th wheel. I have never hooked up a 5th wheel, driven one, or backed one up. What happens when you break down on the road? What happens when a medical emergency arrives? It scares me.


    If you break down you have your house with you. Just have some roadside assistance if you’re not good mechanically.

    Everyone has to figure out their level of risk they are willing to take. I try not to be completely foolish but would rather die trying to live the life I want than be paralyzed by fear of what if.

    Cheers Ray.  🙂


    trust me at my age I am pretty risky :bye: :bye:



    As Ray said, if you break down, you can wait comfortably in your trailer for the roadside assistance.

    For medical emergencies… You can’t predict them: time or type.  I would suggest taking a good first aid course, have emergency medical supplies on board, know where the nearest hospitals are (there’s an app for that) and maintain cell service.  When I was working in the “outback” of NE California my wife bought me a satellite phone so I could always contact someone.

    Suffice to say that the further you get from the city the more self-reilient you need to be.  It is more of a mental shift than an actual risk.

    You could also start off by traveling with others that are more experienced and could lend a hand if needed.   That seems to happen anyway; meeting some RVers, at a campground for example, that are going your way and you decide to travel together for a while.

    Just as an aside, it is my understanding that if you need medical assistance while in a National Park in the U.S, it is provided free — helicopter and all.


    it is coming, ray one day I will be chasing you across the desert, lol

    Sherri Rabren

    Pulling, backing, positioning a 5th wheel has the same concepts of a bumper pull trailer with better maneuverability ( in my humble opinion). I grew up hauling horses in everything from a two horse bumper pull to a 10 horse gooseneck. As time and experience went on I found I liked the gooseneck by far better than the bumper pulls. I spent a lot of time practicing in empty parking lot and fields. One thing I did learn, not too long ago, is it is better to have a long bed truck for tight turns. =) Last year I knocked out my back window. If you have a short bed make sure your 5th wheel hitch is on a slider so you can adjust accordingly.
    Medical emergencies, whether they are at home or on the road are still nerve wracking. I am a retired EMT and still go into an occasional OH CRAP mode. My husband is a brittle diabetic and also accident prone ( He says that’s why he married his own medic LOL). It is always a good idea to take a basic first aid course just in case the closest available unit is uncomfortable far out.
    As for medications, I am fortunate to have my stuff through the VA and I can just let them know where to ship my stuff when I need refills. My husband’s doctor knows we are on the go. He will set up prescriptions for three month supplies where we can have refilled at any nation wide pharmacy. and when we migrate back in the general area we set up an appointment. I always carry copies of Medical Records on a CD just in case and have a list of prescriptions and medical history should one of us have to go to the ER or an Urgent Care.
    On the occasions we have broke down and my husband has been unable to fix the truck, I have been fortunate enough to have found places needing volunteers. State Parks, Campgrounds, so on and so forth to stay while we await repairs. There is always some one willing to give rides to the grocery store, post office, repair shop. It’s been a win win situation. Volunteer.gov is my go to. Allows us to save money, get full hook ups and see the sites!
    We took the blind step and do not have a sticks and bricks. We just have our 5th wheel..
    I hope I did not over step any boundaries here. I am by no means and expert, but just sharing our experience so far. Have a blessed day!

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